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Best Styles of Leadership

Leadership is a process of influence, to give an example, for the members of motivation to others, so as to achieve organizational goals and bring benefits to human welfare. Because of its purpose, best styles of leadership are important to practice.

Leadership is an important factor in an organization. The main task of a leader in running its leadership is not only limited in its ability to implement programs, but more than that the leader must have capability to involve all levels of the organization, its members or the community to take an active role so that they able to make a positive contribution in achieving the goal.

Leadership can also be something that can be learned and carried out spontaneously and automatically all the time. The leader or manager for example, can soon make some important decisions about a problem, while others are still in the stage of analyzing the problem.

Today, many people are wondering how the leader or manager can find out how to make the best decision, even though conditions in the urgency? This is why the best styles of leadership are important to know.

The decision making process is usually underlying by the experience of a leader or manager in different conditions and also strongly influenced by the personality of each leader or manager.

Many successful leaders or managers who do have the instincts of good leadership and professional, so they will be strong to face of all the pressure in the important decision-making. A good leader or manager use their gut feeling to make decisions quickly and accurately.

There are many styles of leadership. But, by my sight, a good leadership style for a leader or manager is a leader of the Democratic type. Why? Because of the type of Democratic leaders describe its leadership as an indicator, and a relationship manager with his subordinates not as an employer to his assistants, but as the elder brother among coworkers.

Democratic leader is always trying to stimulate subordinates to work cooperatively to achieve a common goal. In action and his efforts, always originate on the interests and needs of the group, as well as considering the ability and the ability of the group.

Styles of leadership in this case, puts humans as main and most important factor in the organization. And in carrying out their duties, the leader of a democratic manager willing to accept opinions and suggestions from subordinates.

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They thought that criticism can build from the subordinates who they accept as feedback and be considered in subsequent actions. Additionally, democratic leader is always trying to show the atmosphere of a sense of family and unity. He has always sought to build excitement subordinates in carrying out and developing his power.

There are some things that must be done by a leader or a manager so it can be regarded as a good leader. And this is best styles of leadership skill, especially in democratic style :

  1. a leader or manager can make other people feel comfortable to speak up, so that there is no fear of subordinates to call for opinions.
  2. a leader should be the decision maker, and also an expert and a good communicator.
  3. a leader must be good to be able to understand the capabilities and weaknesses of their colleagues and provide input correctly.
  4. a leader must able to provide and implement an example that leaders give and positive behavior.
  5. a leader must be able to measure and appreciate the work of subordinates.
  6. a leader must address without delay the issue.
  7. a leader should be able to be a good teacher for his subordinates.

So, have you understood about what are best styles of leadership? Try to implement it to get best result.