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Bill Gates and Leadership Styles

Talking about Bill Gates and leadership styles are always interesting. As CEO of a large Microsoft-class company, it is very important for Gates to have a firm and leadership-minded nature. That way, he can organize the company's management well.

This is the reason why he should be able to make the best decision for the company's progress. Therefore, Bill Gates will sometimes be very aggressive when many problems come.

Gates is not the type of person who hesitate to admonish the mistakes of others at Microsoft. Gates often scolds The Microsofties, with a loud utterance, if it is indeed well aimed at advancing Microsoft.

For example, when he declares "you better return your options and join the peace corps" or "That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard". Sometimes, too, he will sneak his employees who are not on time in doing their work with the words "Let me do the work weekend".

The leadership styles of Bill Gates at Microsoft does not just mean bringing the company into one of the big tech companies and many of its competitors. However, Gates plays an important role in bringing the company to success that can not be easily obtained by many people.

Bill Gates and leadership style are also identic with multitasking. Gates is a reliable and multitasking leader. He can direct the big company with his thinking. He also accustomed himself to be a multitasking person. With his own ability, he can do various jobs at once. Great is not it?

He wants the totality and effectiveness of time in work. For that, he is willing to always set a good example for his employees. It is intended that The Microsofties, can handle multiple projects at the same time, and remain with maximum results.

Even the Gates house is equipped with a variety of sophisticated technological equipment to support his work. So by working multitasking Gates can give his time for work and his family.

In hiring employees, Bill counts very electorate. This has been mentioned in the previous chapter, that he always receives employees who have excellent potential only. Because, he needs ideas and an interesting breakthrough in doing business in technology development.

For him, the employees and people who work at Microsoft are the most important assets for the development of his company. Therefore, he has a commitment in recruiting the best programmers directly from universities who actually have experience in the field of industry.

He considers that intelligence is a major factor in Microsoft's success. Microsoft desperately needs high intellectual writing programs, but the program will not work without practice. Therefore, Gates always give encouragement to employees to always produce something best.

He also implements a tolerant attitude hoping that all his employees follow his good attitude. With a high tolerance attitude, every unit at Microsoft will help and complete the shortcomings of other units to get the job done to the target.

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He prefers to hire university graduates rather than someone who has long working experience from other companies. This is done because Gates thinks that someone with long working experience from another company, it has the potential to destroy the new company that he occupied.

Why is that? Because there may be differences in the system or anything and sometimes it will be very contrary to what they got from their previous company.

If it is true then it will lead to conflict and can bring a negative influence for the company, namely loss. Because Gates is avoiding massive losses at Micrsoft's company, so he's so wary of every new employee and trying to pick this new employee with the right criteria.

With the human resources of Microsoft is, then it can make Microsoft collection of people who are genius in their respective portions. Gates made a very rigorous selection to get excellent employees.

He wants employees with high initiative. So, in the absence of orders from their bosses have been responsive and aware of his position and will contribute appropriately in Microsoft's performance.

"I am very fortunate to have and connect with so many wonderful people. Whenever I have a chance, I'll set aside a few minutes to share what I already have and learn. "This is Bill Gates's message that he took from his journey of life.

He is a person who always build relationships with others as well as possible, and not just for business purposes, but also for the benefit of the heart.

The most important element for a business's progress for Gates is indeed an employee. Because it is so selective choosing employees, then it is certain people who work at Microsoft are great people.

However, working at Microsoft is not an easy matter. Gates always press his employees to be able to complete various projects simultaneously in an effort to improve the effectiveness of employees.

They are required to work according to the standard of work pressure at Microsoft which is very high. So do not be surprised if many employees who work at Microsoft who became depressed and stressed if it is not strong with a hard work culture. After all, although made as comfortable as possible, but the demands given were not exactly mild.

For example The Microsofties when badly needed, should be able to work for 60 hours to 100 hours / week. Wow! Fantastic working hours is not it? Of course what Bill Gates does is not aimless.

This high work pressure he means that Microsoft has a high standard in accepting employees and can do the work collaboratively. But, however, this is the Bill Gates and Leadership Styles in Microsoft that proofed as a succesfull strategies in bringing a grate company.