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Bill Gates Leadership Style

Many people want to know Bill Gates strategy in developing his business to success, including Bill Gates leadership style. To achieve success, Bill Gates has his own style of leadership, and his own special character. Surely, Gates's character has many influences on his business strategy.

Then, what exactly is Bill Gates character and how is bill gates leadership style? The main point of this answer is its character. First, he is a genius figure, diligent, with great ambition. He has a passion for creating dreams come true.

Once he starts something out of a dream, if he wants to make it happen, then he will fight hard. He always applied it in his business activities. So, he can successfully change the business that started from zero into a giant company.

Without his effort, the company can’t grow that big. All of his accomplishments are none other than Gates's persistence and hard work. He always planned something well and would implement a great strategy in his business.

Well, let's just say about the bill gates leadership style.

1. Defining Goal

When someone does something, of course he must have a goal to be achieved. Similarly, business activities. The success of the company depends on the target set from the beginning.

As a business man, defining business targets clearly is a must. We must think about the continuity of the business to come, what is the purpose of the company's establishment in the long run, and where will the company take it?

It is also to be notified to all employees. All employees need to map it from scratch in order to run a business well and directed.

Without a purpose and clearly stamped, a leader will have difficulty in guiding his subordinates. So even with what is done by Bill Gates who has designed the standard of success and target specifically for Microsoft.

2. Choosing the right supporters

In doing business, Gates could not possibly own it and master it without any help from others. That's why Bill Gates needs the support of his employees. Gates should be able to be a leader, with proper subordinates.

Sometimes Gates being confused in overcoming the problem because he felt his knowledge is not enough to run a big business wheel. So to overcome this, Bill Gates needs the right support.

This support can come from people who feel able to guide him, direct him, invited him to exchange ideas, and according to him can be in line with the vision of Gates mission.

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3. Firm and Authoritarian

Bill Gates knows the role of a leader in a company. He must be able to direct the entire business forces to arrive at the vision or business targets he has set. So too, all must be able to jointly run the company's mission appropriately.

For this, then Bill Gates must have the courage and firmness in running his business and even authoritarian. When he makes the rules, then as much as possible the rules can be run as well as possible.

However, this does not mean that this firmness and authority should torture its employees. Instead, Gates is even trying his best to create maximum comfort for his employees. This as part of its efforts to get the right supporters, namely the right employees.

That way, the employees will later volunteer to run what Gates has outlined as his business strategy. Even so, Gates himself must be sure of his own choice. She should not be afraid to act and try something very new to her. According to him, a great leader, must dare to handle the risks that will come.

4. Discipline and Responsibility

Gates strongly emphasizes discipline and responsibility at Microsoft. For him, the rules that can be obeyed and lived can lead the company to success, because they will be directed in accordance with established business targets.

The paradigm referred to here is not just the climate that exists within the company, but also the ones outside the company. When he has a target time to finish his work, then he will try to achieve it. That's how he cooperates with other companies and the employees.

5. Giving the best and self-respecting

The size of the role that is done in running the business, we should appreciate and we should be proud of it. Gates always instilled it to his employees. He does not let his employees lose confidence.

After all, they are willing to contribute to the course of a business both in the form of time, and maximum power. With so, employees can provide innovation, creativity, and new breakthroughs, no matter how the way.

6. Managing time

In running a business, processing time is very important. Especially if the company is at the beginning of development. Proper time management is needed here so that no jobs are left out and avoiding missed targets.

For Bill Gates, the most important time management is the priority to achieve the specified target. The top priority can be achieved with proper time management.

7. Manage available resources

Formerly Gates did not have a computer to make the program. Therefore, he must be smart-smart to take advantage of college computer. Although the computer program he was working on was for Altair, and he did not have an Altair computer, he kept trying to make it with a computer sober.

This step means that he must be able to manage the resources available as well as possible. That's also Gates's leadership style he applied to his employees. He wants his employees too.

In addition, Gates himself once stated that one of the factors driving Microsoft's success is the proper management of resources. Because based on technology produced by the human brain, Gates's greatest resource here is the man himself, or in other words his employees. That is why, Gates as much as possible trying to manage his employees as well as possible.

8. Create a supportive working environment

This point is to confirm how Gates does his best to make the human resources working in his company work effectively and efficiently.

With the utilization of human resources with the maximum, then the results obtained can be very maximum. Moreover, for technology-based companies such as Microsoft. That is why what Gates can do is to create as much as possible a supportive work environment.

He makes a comfortable, spacious and private work space for his carpets. Gates is very concerned about the atmosphere of his office, and how his employees can work as comfortably as possible. And finally, creative and innovative ideas can explode easily from the mind.