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About Boeing Leadership Center

When you are looking for a great leadership center, you may find Boeing leadership center as one of the best one. Boeing has already build a leadership center to provide a great human resources for the world, not only for this own company.

Being a good leader for Boeing may not only be the need, but a must. That’s why, they declare ‘Never Stop Learning’. Most of their senior leaders were promoted from within workforce. For them, developing people is as important as delivering quality products and services to the customers.

Whether it's taking on a new assignment or volunteering the skills in communities around the world, that’s why they never stop learning, especially to be a good leader. This is also being a reason, why they must build Boeing leadership center.

Employees in classroom at Boeing Leadership Center

Boeing leadership center is built as a special place to the Boeing leader in honing their capability as a good leader. In this leadership center, their leaders have a best and unique opportunity to broaden and deepen their leadership capabilities.

Each year, many leaders from across Boeing company, including the current leader and future leader, travel to the Boeing Leadership Center. They came from around the world to learn how to guide the company into the great one in this second century.

Many of the teachers are their own senior leaders. These leader describe challenges, discuss best practices and share their experiences for the beginner, and the others. This concept are also can be called as leaders teaching leaders.

Learning Together Program

Boeing Leadership Center offering learning together program to the employee. For this program, they have invested more than $1 billion as employees’ college tuition, books and fees through the industry-leading tuition assistance program, the Learning Together Program.

Using this concept, full-time and part-time team members have the opportunity to participate. No matter what stage they are at in their career, after just one year of company service, they has this great chance.

The people can pursue degree programs, professional certificates and individual courses in strategic fields of study. They can study at more than 270 quality colleges and universities. Boeing always encourage their people to explore new roles within the company throughout their careers. Anyway, this course work does not have to be related to the employee current job. They have a great chance to learn in many area, so they can go wherever their career path takes.

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Where is Boeing Leadership Center?

Boeing leadership center, take place at north of St. Louis. This Boeing Co. Leadership Center, lay at a 285-acre as a leadership development campus. Here, employees can immerse themselves in the company’s leadership education programs. This campus is a very great place that built by the Korte Company.

The Korte's Company as the general contractor success to build a great place as a campus, with 8-story, 98,000-square-foot expansion for the existing Boeing Leadership Center. There are also the added wing consists of 84 guest rooms, and all with a scenic view of the river.

The facility of this campus includes additional meeting spaces, a 3-story management and office complex, an expanded private dining facility, and a new, larger fitness center. This Korte Company gave them a smart solutions in order to maintain the project schedule of the leadership program.

This building was designed to help the program run well. Moreover, Norm Bartlett, vice president of leadership and talent management at Chicago-based Boeing said “This is an epicenter, if you will, of leadership”.

Bartlett said that Boeing’s Leadership Center fitted with 204 classrooms and meeting areas. This buildings act as the starting point for its foundational leadership programs.

The company’s programs are designed to instill a stern and collaborative focus in its employee base from first-level leaders to the most senior executives. The program touching on the core skills and values.

However, the environment must be important to its success. While the classroom environment is important, most learning takes place at the facilities where people work. This makes the classroom-job connection critically important.

This is can be proved by the number of leader that has been built by Boeing. When the company first opened, roughly 90 percent of the center’s instructors were from outside the company. But today, that number has flipped. It is now about 95 percent of the courses are taught by Boeing executives.

Bartlett said that every vice president of Boeing has a requirement to come out to the Boeing Leadership center at least twice a year to teach. And the fact, many are come to the leadership center more than twice. Are you interested to join them?