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Why Bonos Leadership Qualities are Great?

You know Bono? He is known as a great star, especially as rock star. His popularity and his band, U2, is undoubted. But not only popular in music area, Bono also popular as its political and philanthropic campaigning. Bonos leadership quality has already acquired as great for business, in any field.

Why leadership? Because Bono are great in business and in leading his music path. We know that Bonos music has infiltrated modern culture. What appealed to Bono, may even more than the mission. It was the strategy behind the music as his effort. Bono even let his lyrics like “with or without you” and “in the name of love” dancing through the minds of millions people in the world.

Now, we would like to know what makes Bono successful as a leader. Bono’s leadership is well worth examining. However, his leadership qualities aren’t going to be spelled out in an easy way. Rather, we could examine Bonos leadership qualities in a lyrical format, such as adapted homage to U2’s With or Without You song, below.

See the pain speak through their eyes
See the hunger taking lives
I fight for you
Change the world, it’s not too late
Only delay’s how long I wait
I won’t wait to help you

Is the leadership quality this most strongly depicts? We may find a deeply empathy inside this lyric. It’s no secret that Bono’s reach was amazing. It has extended beyond being a rock star and into philanthropy. Everyone know that he is not only a rock star.

He had been launched campaigns over the last twenty years. He become politically active and infiltrated the business world through avenues. He own The Good News on Poverty TedTalk segment in an effort to end extreme poverty. Bono has the ability to understand and genuinely feel for people in poverty. And this is an aspect of his strong emotional intelligence.

The leadership quality most strongly depicts is courage. Bono, like the others stage performer, has courage. It is the reason drive them sing or talk in front of people they don’t know. However, leaders need the capability to speak in front of others and overcome stage fright.

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Moreover, on a deeper level, leaders must also have the sort of courage. This courage enables them to make tough decisions. Sometimes, a leader might risk their job in order to stand for what’s rights. Like Bono, they may even risk their own lives.

We know that during a 1980’s U2 campaign for the observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in America, A FOX Business news article describes that Bono received a death threat not to sing Pride (In the Name of Love). This is a song about Martin Luther King. But, what Bono did? Bono did it anyway. Why? Because he had courage.

Bonos leadership qualities don’t stop there. This is include family value which helps him attain work life balance, and also commendable public speaking skills and more. Leaders must has abilities to formulate vision, live according to their values and be brave in the face of opposition. The key is to recognize that living out these qualities starts with day to day decisions.

Irish rock icon Bono leads in a good way, that he is a widely acclaimed, rallies C-suites, data-driven, global organization that influences governments, and raises hundreds of millions of dollars for people living in poverty. And most important, these ability reach by convince others that they are the true leaders of change, not him.

Then, here’s what business can learn from a music legend about leadership. Bonos leadership qualities is a great example to learn.

Bono adapted his motto from St. Francis: Go into all the world to preach the gospel, and if necessary, by using the words.

“I love that one,” he says. “Actions, actions, actions. It’s about being useful, and that’s what I want to be.”