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Defining Brand Leadership: 12 Ways To Achieve Brand Leadership

Have you ever heard the name of a brand that is very familiar in the ear? Brand that when you call it, then there will be many people who know him? The name may already be successful brand leadership.

Call it the brand Nike, Adidas, Honda, Unilever, Cadbury, Apple, Samsung, and a series of other brands. When you call this famous brand, then there will be many people around the world who immediately know what the product of the brand. They are brands that have achieved brand leadership.

These brand has been so strong in the minds of consumers. They can be considered successful in developing the brand because it managed to build trust in the hearts of consumers. Then, how to build brand leadership to get success like this?

The secret is, they not only do branding without content, but branding with characters. There is added value that these brands give to the customers, so as to establish good relationships with customers. So, the advantage of the brand was not obtained by accident. There must be a proper brand management and good planning to achieve it.

Are you also interested in making your corporate brand superior? Here are 12 ways to achieve brand leadership that you can try.

1 # Use Personal Touch

One of the things customers want is the best service. That is given by one of the biggest brands in the world, Amazon. Amazon is known to provide customization to customer needs.

Every customer registered with Amazon will be treated according to their needs and character. This is done by providing specific product recommendations to customers according to the customer’s needs. This is able to encourage relationships between customers and brands.

2 # Give the Best Solution

Most business units that are now a market leader, all depart from the fulfillment of solutions to what is required consumers. Its founders are able to see what consumers are or will need.

Then, they begin to develop products that can answer the problem. But, if the business market you are entering is already has quite a competitor, all you have to do is not just to present the solution, but it should be the best solution.

This can be done by continuing to develop product superiority. When these advantages are acceptable to the consumer, our job is to defend them.

3 # Build Consumer Loyalty

To become a market leader, customer satisfaction and loyalty becomes a very important thing to be maintained. Always run marketing strategies based on consumer approach so that they continue to feel cared for and confident with the business or product that we run.

The ways that can be taken are very diverse. As examples, can be with a regular promo, or do corporate system responsibility. You can try a variety of other marketing strategies that if you can further strengthen the business brand with consumers.

Moreover, if the products we produce are still new or not developed much earlier, market penetration through the consumer approach is the most vital to achieve market leader position.

4 # Make Sure the Current Run Distribution Process

Another step that must be considered is to ensure that the product distribution process goes well. For businesses with physical products, keeping the flow of goods distribution must be done not only start out of the factory only. However, it the product should goes into the agent stage until the retailer reaches the customer's hand.

It may be a pretty inconvenient thing, but it's what distinguishes a viable business into a market leader with those who are not worthy. If the resulting product can be easily obtained by consumers wherever located, it will also slowly grow consumer loyalty to continue using our proprietary products.

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5 # Fulfill customer's promise

One of the keys to the success of selling a product is not only the brand, but also the fulfillment of the promise to the consumer. As example, the key to FedEx's success is trust. Trust here is nothing else when the logistics company is able to fulfill its promise to the consumer.

This promise can be in the form of delivery with punctuality, safety of goods, and satisfactory inter services. Trust is important because customers are not just numbers, but humans can collect appointments.

6 # Stay elegant and fun

Who is not familiar with Apple? Apple has a simple logo but still elegant. Apple is known for a cool and empathetic service. Apple recruits people who have high empathy that can work together and build transparency in front of customers.

Apple always brings retail with the concept to "show", and not just "tell". That is the retail philosophy of the brand made by the late Steve Jobs.

7 # Give a touch of customer experience

Not only good service but consumer experience is needed to increase consumer confidence to our products. An example is a world-renowned discount retail brand, Target.

The experiences they "sell" tend not to be easily forgotten. Target is known as a good retailer in giving a touch of experience of each product, service, and outlets. Targets make a real effort to provide a fun experience for shoppers. Meanwhile, it also provides the quality and price of products that are alluring.

# 8 Consistent

In the midst of a fast-paced world, especially in the business world, Ford's world-class carmakers continue to rely on a consistent branding process to stay brand leadership. Many people admire Ford because of its consistency, both in brand strategy, product strategy, and marketing execution.

Ford also always listens and does what the needs of its customers. This is what makes a product brand must always be consistent, so that they can always be trusted by their customers.

9 # An aspirational message

On its website, Nike declared its mission to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete around the world: "When you have a body, you are an athlete". One of Nike's strengths is its aspirational message.

This motivational message has enough impact on the user's emotional. The message of empowerment is very powerful, including the phenomenal Just Do It message. This is what makes Nike able to maintain the title as brand leadership.

10 # Build a connection

Connection here is not just between producers and consumers. But now consumers also need a connection to connect with other fellow consumers. The need for this interaction is captured by Starbucks coffee producers.

For example by providing free internet at every outlet. Starbucks also builds larger stores to meet the needs of meeting rooms, discussions, and networking among its customers.

11 # Unique service

Ever thought to provide a unique service to the customer? If ever then you are the same as Southwest Airlines, for example having a service during a unique flight to create a consumer experience.

Southwest became a brand in an independent aviation industry that broke the norms in the industry. That way a positive impression will instantly create within your customers and that of course will make them more confident in your product.

12 # Focus on consumers

With the above secrets, one thing that is not less important is to remain focused on the consumer. Because what we create and give it is for the consumer. Nordstrom became one of the retail brands are quite keen in doing so.

In a survey, Nordstrom occupies the top position as a company that cares about its customers. With 230 outlets, Nordstrom is actively doing alluring services. This is what makes Nordstorm successful brand leadership.

So, that's the tips on 12 Ways To Achieve Brand Leadership that you can try.