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How Bush Demonstrating Genuine Leadership?

Leadership has always been an interesting subject of conversation throughout human history everywhere. Let see, how the the influence of a leader can change in one community group, within an organization or even the world. It is not exclude to the George W Bush.

When he was a president of United States of America, he was a big leader. It is because The United States is the most powerful country in the economy and military power. Thus, we may said that he is the biggest leader in the word. But unfortunately, biggest leader is not always mean best leader.

When we about to talk about how bush demonstrating genuine leadership, it will be very hard to say. Why? We may said that Bush is the most controversial president that America ever had.

Many people in the world said not only about his greatness, but also about his big failure as a leader.

Bush Leadership Style Facing Terorism

President George W. Bush, Republican, became president in January 2001 through the most controversial elections. Bush took the election in November 2000 against then Vice President, Al Gore of the Democratic Party.

The final result depends on very strict calculations in the state of Florida. Through recounting and also a lawsuit to the Supreme Court, it was finally decided that Al Gore should succumb to Bush in mid-December.

Before September 11, 2001, terrorist attacked New York and Washington, the president had already decided to reduce US involvement in the 'hot spots' of the world. But the terrorist attacks pushed him in different directions, and the United States took the biggest role in carrying out military action in Afghanistan.

In 2002, Bush turned his attention to Iraq and accused Baghdad of storing weapons of mass destruction. President Bush threatened US military action and its allies if Saddam Hussein did not disarm the weapons of mass destruction.

In March 2003, Bush announced officially that the US-led military action in Iraq had been taken, and three three weeks later Saddam Hussein's regime was dropped.

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Bush Demonstrating Genuine Leadership

Born in 1946, Bush is the son of former President George Bush. He was previously an energy businessman before being elected governor of the state of Texas in 1994. He describes himself as “a caring conservative”

Bush's policy in fighting terrorism is what makes the world upset. Of course many people criticize this Bush decision. Many see Bush as a bad leader. But, the US has the most developed and influential mass media in the world.

If you do a search on the phrase “bush demonstrating genuine leadership”, you will still find the information that show about this case. But, you will only find that the search engine reveals three pages of results, which list letters to the editors of august publications. It is including the Boston Globe, the Star Press, the Suburban Chicago Courier News, and many many more.

The surprising phrase is, they all have a similar form, by starting its article with: “WHEN IT COMES to the economy, President Bush is demonstrating genuine leadership. The growth package he has proposed takes us in the right direction by accelerating the successfull tax cut of 2001...."

Yes! Bush leadership is often associated with the economy. Not so surprising. But, you might think one letter writer has decided to post off his or her thoughts to every paper in the US.

But, this is contrary to the class warfare rhetoric attacking the president’s plan. Except for one thing. They're all written by different people. We learn the Republican Party can automate letter writing, with this unique spam engine.