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How To Build Business Leaders for Sensible?

A leader must have a steel mentality to gain extreme confidence! It was a good start-up capital. A team needs a competent leader, especially in the Organization, the Company and doing business.

Leaders are the cutting edge of the company. Any business actions such as determining clients, making investment decisions, buying stock of products and so on are determined by the leader. So be careful if you occupy the position.

Feeling inappropriate to be a leader? Remember the words of the modern leadership teacher, Warren Bennis, "The leader is formed, not born." However, we can try to become business leaders for sensible.

According to Bennis, there is no genetic factor to be a leader. Everyone is born with the same ability. Leadership is formed thanks to learning. Therefore, no need to be disappointed if your performance as a leader is not adequate. There are various tips to follow in order to improve your ability.

Achieving and exceeding the target in a business is judged to be a gauge of success of a leader. Because when it happens, the leader is considered capable of leading correctly and appropriately, so as to bring the business to success.

Looks complicated and heavy when thought to be lived. But being a good and big leader is not a difficult thing to learn. We can train ourselves to be better leaders than ever. Then, how to be a business leaders for sensible? Here's the 16 secret ways for you:

1 # Distinguish personal affairs with work affairs

You should be careful in treating employees. If you act too hard, they will be depressed. If you are being too soft, they will go away. There's no harm in putting yourself in between employees. You can have lunch together, chat about things outside of work, or go to a tourist spot at holiday. Such a personal approach will make employees comfortable.

However, make sure that they know there is a professional boundary between you. Do not cross the line. You do not have to get too involved in their problems. And vice versa, do not let them get too involved. Distinguish between personal affairs with work affairs. If working with friends, lovers or family, no need to give special treatment. Keep your professionalism.

2 # Understand the problem well

Leaders must be able to determine decisions appropriately. It is necessary to understand the problems. As Leroy Eims, the bestselling author of The Lost Art of Discipline, says, "Leaders are those who are able to see more than others, who are able to see more than others, and be able to see things before others."

From the words of Eims, it can be concluded that a leader must cultivate sensitivity to everything. Be sensitive to problem clutter, sensitive to solutions and alternatives, sensitive to possible impacts, and so on.

This makes the decision taken will be more accurate. Such sensitivity can be grown through experience. The more often the decision is made, the more skilled the leader will be. No more lingering about the decision. Experienced leaders usually have the right instinct.

3 # Keep Emotions Stable

The leader must be able to control his team in any situation. Then it takes a stable character. In a panic situation, a leader must remain calm and level-headed. Avoid exaggeration. Similarly, in a sad or flagging situation, the leader should not dissolve in the atmosphere.

Employees need people who can pump their spirits back. If faced with a pleasant situation, a leader should also not overreact. Do not approve of something when you're happy. Do not say something when you're angry. Get used to being stable.

4 # Give appreciation to the team's success

If your team achieves success, there's no harm in congratulating everyone. Can also have a dinner party to celebrate the success. Make your people feel appreciated. This makes their pleasure multiply.
All feeling tired when fighting becomes nothing. They'll be happy to fight with you again. To improve your work performance, you can reward the best employees every month.

Assessment can be based on productivity and quality of work, discipline, obedience to orders, and so on.

5 # Do not over dominate

As a leader, you are the one who governs everything. But avoid dominating work. Andrew Carnegie, one of the most renowned 19-20 industry leaders, once said, "One can not be a great leader if he wants to do everything himself, or wants to get all the confessions for his actions."

Carnegie gives the right picture of the target. As a leader, you should not do all the work alone. Let's learn to delegate tasks. In addition to making work more quickly completed, delegating tasks also lighten up your work. Employees are also happy because they feel trusted by their superiors.

6 # Maintain the already formed

Be sure to better establish yourself to be a good leader, you must be able to keep what has been formed before. Do not be easily influenced by the current that leads you to change what is already there.

Do and make sure every change you make to go to be better, not just with the reasons to follow the development of the trend. It will be bad, when you are easily shaken and ruined everything.

7 # Do not be afraid of big failures

To be a great leader no one walks without the slightest obstacle. There will be many obstacles and challenges that must be faced and passed with power as a leader. Therefore a leader must have a strong, firm and unyielding attitude towards what he faces.

The ability of business leaders for sensible like this will obviously affect the development of subordinates and also the company. Do not be afraid of a failure, even if it is a failure that we think is great.

8 # Do not show doubles

There are times when a leader feels himself incapable and useless to his subordinates and company. Doubtful self will slowly grow doubts that the company will be able to grow big. Do not doubt at all our ability to lead a company or a person.

When there are those who choose us to be a leader, then it's an achievement that we should be proud of. Cast self-doubt by praising what we have accomplished, but remember not too much. Make this a feat for yourself, and to foster a sense of self.

9 # Energy and positive behavior

Successful leaders create a positive work culture so that the subordinates are motivated to work. They are liked and appreciated. They do not want momentum to be disrupted by failure. Always energize your team. Being positive will strengthen your character as a business leader for sensible.

10 # Do not settle for standard solution

To be a great leader, we are required to be able to accept and provide the best solution for what is happening. While in the discus, do not be satisfied with the standard solution.

If any of your men have a better solution, do not be ashamed to admit it, and do not force that standard solution to emerge and dominate, because you are a leader. Being wise of problems and solutions is one of the keys to being a good leader.

11 # Focus on results, not style

Results take precedence over just a style in leading a company. Make sure you are known by many people because of your excellent leadership results, not just because of the leadership style.

Here, the style in leadership does seem to affect the outcome of what is led. But do not let your leadership results be worse or invisible simply because too many styles are used in the lead.

12 # For an introvert, learn to act as an extrovert

Either what you have, introverts or extroverts, but it's all the grace you definitely need to become a great leader. We know that introverts are not the type of leader imagined by the crowd, but the world proves that many great leaders start with an introvert.

For us who feel ourselves as an introvert, do not be discouraged. We can be a great leader, one way that is with the ability to act like an extrovert. It may look like pretending and not being yourself. But sometimes pretending is necessary as we learn to become a great leader.

13 # Stay generous

Keep being generous. Do not let a position make us forget who we were before this. The great and successful leaders of many people are those who successfully master themselves to remain generous.

Train ourselves to remain a humble leader and not too thoughtful to always be on top. Being generous will also lead us to keep learning and learning better than ever.

14 # Build credibility as a leader

In order for the work to go well, the leader must win the trust of his team. How to? Grow the skills needed to become a leader. For example, the ability to speak in front of the crowd, the ability to encourage the men, the ability to determine business strategy, and so forth.

All that can be learned through experience. Before becoming a leader, first you will become a person who is led. Take the opportunity to the fullest. Learn firsthand how others lead their teams. If not enough, you can learn from leadership books.

15 # Knowing the team as closely as possible

Create a comfortable atmosphere to work together within the company. Try to approach personally. Get to know your team well. Understand the issues they are having, identify their potential, and accept sensible suggestions. Keep no distance is too wide between superiors and employees.

One way, you can conduct discussions between superiors and employees on a regular basis. Thus, he knows the complaints and input from his team. Will create closer relationships within the company.

16 # Trust your team

If you want to be trusted by others, you must first trust others. Remember always that you do not work alone. It takes teamwork to get the job done. No matter how good a leader, without the support of his subordinates, he will not achieve success.

Give employees full trust. If their ability is not enough to do a job, guide slowly. If they make a mistake, just scold it, then give it a second chance. Avoid too tightly supervising employees. Make them work comfortably, but remain responsible.

So there are 16 tips that will guide you as a business leaders for sensible figure. Are you ready to be formed into an ideal business leader?