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Abraham Lincolns Leadership Skills

Abraham Lincolns Leadership Skills

Leadership can be learned from many things. One of them is learned from a figure who has been proven to show qualified leadership, such as Abraham Lincoln. You certainly have heard the name Abraham Lincoln, right?

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States and was considered by many scholars as the largest President of the United States. He led the Republican Party to defeat a confederation that was challenging for US democracy.

As President, he built the Republican Party into a strong national organization, and abolished slavery within the Confederation. The greatness of Abraham Lincoln leadership skills is no doubt. He has great leadership skills. All of his leadership was forged through a long journey. That's what makes Lincoln loved by their people.

Profile of Lincoln

Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in Hodgenville, Kentucky, America. In terms of education, he spent 18 months in formal school. Furthermore, he completed his education a lot from independent study. Lincoln is a truly talented, capable person, and a skilled ax wielder. He can also be very talented in telling stories and often entertains many of his friends during meetings.

Lincoln began his political career at a young age, when he was 23 years old. 5 years later, he began the first protest against slavery. He also protested the war in Mexico, saying that President Polk did it for his own glory.

With his actions to speak out against the President, Lincoln lost his political ground. Even so, he spent the next few years speaking out against slavery as a citizen. Lincoln failed twice in the US Senate election before being elected as the 16th President of the United States.

In 1860 he gained full support from the party and advanced in the presidential election at that time. With a strong political background, Lincoln advanced to run for president and fight his enemies from political parties. Support for Lincoln was so great that he was able to win the presidency and directly won the sixteenth president of the United States at that time.

He spent most of his time after the war to reconstruct the United States and mobilize people together through his speeches and rhetoric. Lincoln's political journey lasted quite a long time and left a deep impression.

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Abraham Lincoln made the following quote:” I walked slowly, but I never walked backwards”. Braham Lincoln talked about development. As a leader, you must be progressive in life. No matter how slow you go forward, remember that life can stand still or even walk backwards.

During his life, he showed interesting leadership style to be copied. Following are some of Abraham Lincoln's leadership styles that are interesting to learn.

1 # Say no to "Yes Men."
Recorded in history of the United States when Lincoln was involved in warfare, he surprised the public with his actions. He chose to fill his cabinet with people who were previously in the rival candidate group.

As a very confident person, Lincoln likes to debate and discuss with people who have different opinions. With this model discussion, Lincoln believes he will find something.

In other words, Lincoln does not like people who are mentally "Yes Men." He feels comfortable with various conflicts. From there, he can learn to manage differences. That method is at the core of this Lincoln leadership feature.

2 # Be Decisive
A strong leader knows when and how to make decisions. This is as is usually done by Lincoln. Under his leadership, all cabinet members were free to make arguments. He never limits the opinions of others. He also appreciates the opinions of others.

But, Lincoln has the ability to know when to take the information he needs. Sometimes he must be alone to determine the best solution and make decisions without hesitation.

3 # Have the desire to learn
Even though Abraham Lincoln was never through formal school, he never lost his desire to study. This was evident from the great interest in reading and during the war, he had a great curiosity about the strategy of war.

This desire made him a great public speaker and also one of the most quoted people in history. He has wisdom so people today are still quoting him, and experts consider him the best of all US Presidents.

He enjoys learning and looking for inspiration. According to him, inspiration can be found anywhere. Especially, in places and things that are not common. As a member of Congress, Lincoln studied mathematics to gain wisdom in reasoning. He is a leader who enjoys learning. He is a continuous learner and sees outside their industry for ideas and innovation.

4 # Connect with everypeople
Connecting with many people is one's leadership gain. Lincoln is known as an honest leader, but he can communicate with many people at all levels. Lincoln is also known as a leader who likes jokes and stories. Leadership is not how smart a person is, but how strong personal relationships and levels of trust are built.

5 # Don't give up
Abraham Lincoln showed the strength of persistence while continuing to run for positions in the US Senate even though he had been rejected twice. This perseverance paid off when he became the 16th President of the United States.

Lincoln has power as a leader and as a person in showing perseverance. Lincoln wanted to see slavery being abolished in the United States, and he continued to do it until it happened. He is a figure who will not give up until finally he can reach his goal. This is his way as Abraham Lincolns leadership style.