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Compassion and Leadership

Do You Trust There is a close relationship between compassion and leadership? We know that every leader has a different style. Leadership styles influence a company's performance a lot. However, in general we can conclude that compassion for employees can encourage employees to improve their performance positively.

Research in the United States and Taiwan finds authoritarianism almost always produces negative results on work, while leadership that supports an employees with compassion almost always gives positive results.

A leader who has compassion clearly has many benefits. The more leaders have more cashing, the greater success in becoming a leader. Then, what are the benefits of being a leader full of compassion?

# Being a Beloved Leader

A leader who is full of love will make himself loved. Even if you can respect someone without having to win them. But to be a leader you cannot win them without win their heart. They don’t accept you when they hate you.

This can describe a leader who must be associated with others. Leaders cannot just show achievements, but must be able to respect and be loved by others. If nobody supports you, then you will not have supporters who will support you.

The way that we are loved by others is easy. We just smile, remember names and listen to other people's words. In addition, the most important thing is to be able to give full attention to the people around us, especially to the people we will lead.

If we can show compassion and sincere honesty towards the person we are going to lead, we believe we will get a leader who is loved and supported by many people.

# Trusted leader

A leader is a person who has high integrity and full of courage and does not acknowledge despair in reaching for what is his dream. If you can hold on to that, then you will succeed in taking and making decisions.

Affection and leadership make others see you as a committed person. Follow, they will follow you as a leader willingly. Integrity is the key to success in becoming a leader who is valued by his followers. This is because integrity is an honesty or conformity between words and behavior. This integrity is a compilation of leaders who have mercy.

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# Good Supervisor

Successful leaders are leaders who can motivate their followers. Not a leader who can only get rid of his power. This is because a leader will be said to fail if he cannot have successive cadres.

After becoming a beloved leader, then becoming a trusted leader then the next step, if we as leaders can provide motivation. In the end, loyalty will be created that can produce successive cadres who have loyalty to us. We cannot achieve this without the presence of compassion in our leadership.

# Personality leaders

A leader will not succeed in leading if he cannot lead himself. The leader must be able to explore himself, know more deeply who he really is. Before leading must be able to lead into him first.

This work is actually the hardest, because leading yourself against lust is a reflection of self-discipline. Leading yourself means you have to be able to love yourself in wise ways.

In fact, did you know that actually the biggest enemy is yourself. If we can control ourselves, surely we will become leaders who have high personalities. Because, fighting against yourself is the real battle between our fears and our own courage.

If we can win wars against ourselves or against lust, we will become leaders who have personalities that our followers will follow. Why is that? Because we have become a person who is very brave in defeating lust or selfish desires. This is what makes us become leaders who are firm and not fickle.

# Eternal leader

Today there are indeed leaders who are loved, trusted, and also leaders who guide them well. However, if proven to be incompatible with the conscience, the influence of the leader will only arrive at that. When love has run out, leadership will also run out.

So humans are blessed with hearts by God as a radar to determine things that are not in accordance with conscience. We can immediately 'detect' things that are not pleasing so we can decide not to follow them.

This is related to intellectual and spiritual which in principle teaches people to truth, kindness, progress, and success. Eternal leaders are leaders who can provide peace in the hearts of their followers without feeling depressed, forced or doubtful.

If we as leaders can win the hearts of our followers, we will undoubtedly become eternal leaders. Eternal leaders are leaders who can lead with their conscience and be followed by the voices of their followers. This step can be achieved by combining compassion and leadership.