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Must Have-Characteristics of a Good Leader

Explain the factors as characteristics of a good leaders are difficult. The point is what makes people accept the leader. Often questioned is related to charisma. A professor named Richard Wiseman at the University of Hertfordshire said that charisma is 50% coming from birth and 50% training.

A good leader is not the result of achievement or subordinates, it is seen from the character. Characters that show transition intelligence. Through someone's character can be learned about the strengths and weaknesses they have. Solving problems and making good decisions will be easier. They can also argue with and deny others, also support in action.

In the world of work, these characteristics of a good leader is important to have. In fact, 70 percent of employees fare not feel "involved" or "involved" in the workplace. They are not emotionally feel connected and tend to be less productive.

If you want to be a good leader, pleace check the quality below that a good leader must have:

1 # Confident
Leaders have the ability to attract the public. Do you realize that interesting? Charismatic leaders are comfortable with themselves and also optimistic. This is why, a good leader must have self confident in every situation.

Keep thinking positive in negative situations is important. If you want to be a strong leader, increase your confidence. That way, people will follow you and recognize you as a good leader.

2 # Have sensitivity
Sensitive or vulnerable here does not mean weak. Researcher Brene Brown held a poll. He asked thousands of people to talk about what made them most vulnerable. 

His answers include, "Starting my own business; making a big mistake at work; encouraging my child for things I know are impossible." Actually these answers mean that they do not mean weak.

In connection with this research, business writer Kimberly Weisul concluded sensitivity as a step to find strength and courage, to recognize and find 'weakness' - as a more human side. According to her, creativity is the basis of innovation and creativity.

The same idea was also revealed by writer and entrepreneur David K. Williams in his essay in Forbes. He called the main characteristic of a good leader. For him, sensitivity is not an option, but consider what arises from combinations, risks, and feelings.

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3 # empathize
Strong leaders empathize well. Empathy consultant Lynnda Pollio said, empathy is very important because each person is connected to each other. This removes the distance between someone and other people. Following are the characteristics and practices of empathy according to Pollio:
• Receive sensitivity. Recognize that you can also be vulnerable and have negative emotions. Acceptance of attitude can inspire others to do the same.
• Listen without judgment, even without talking. This gives people the opportunity to shed feelings. Impact, more intimate relationships, built trust and respect - important qualities needed by leaders.
• Focus for now. By focusing on what's happening around, you can pay more attention to other people's feelings. Effective decisions are also easier to make.
• Feel and act. Feel of the others suffering, then get help. Simple actions can change the lives of others, also yourself.

4 # attitude response 
Showing attitude as it is, not pretending, and being yourself are the hallmarks of a good leader. This removes distance and prestige - to eliminate certain images.

Researcher Paula Niedenthal, Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin found, when people understand they will have falsehood, but use ignorance. For example, someone who is intelligent, perfect or intelligent to argue with others, pretends to be the opposite.

In fact, someone's smile can activate the smile's muscles on other people's faces, even when pouting. Consequences if the smile is fake, the people is considered uncomfortable. While leaders who show authenticity, will create comfort and improve performance.

5 # Have compassion
The tendency of the character of the leader is twofold, feared or loved. A good leader is a loved one. To make it happen, kindness and compassion are needed. But often, people are afraid and limit to being like that. Because, we are afraid that if someone finds out who we really are - or finds a weak spot, they will take advantage.

For example, the ability to forgive. At work, forgiving a guilty employee does not mean tolerating his mistakes. But encouraging improvement, by giving time to learn to analyze and improve the situation. This also applies to many other good things such as attention or treating subordinates like family.

Researcher Kim Cameron pointed out, the culture of forgiveness in the company will increase employee productivity, also keep the company more resilient when experiencing pressure or decline. Next, this is also useful for consumer satisfaction.

6 # Have great curiosity
Curiosity is good, and ignorance is natural. A good leader will do various ways to learn. This includes confessing when you don't know. According to Pollio, people are often afraid to say they don't know, because it makes them seem vulnerable and judged.

At work, true leaders surround themselves with people who can fill their knowledge gaps. Even if they don't know something, they have the ability to know the answers quickly and easily.

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7 # Vision
A leader values innovation. They focus on the future and ways to improve it. They have dreams and directions that are able to motivate and inspire others.

In his book entitled "Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action", Sinek wrote that leadership requires two things: a vision for a world that does not yet exist and the ability to communicate it.