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Secrets of Colin Powell Leadership

Colin Powell Leadership

Colin Powell is an American statesman and a four-star general retired from the United States Army. He is the 65th US Secretary of State who serves under President George W. Bush. He also served as Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War. He also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

General (ret.) Colin Powell is a classic American success story about leadership. Many people learn about Colin Powell Leadership. According to him, leadership is the art of realizing something. Furthermore, Colin Powell's advice on leadership is always valuable.

Born in Harlem to immigrant parents, Powell grew up in the US military through various levels until finally becoming US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Backed by steel determination and not much speech, he later became a war hero of Desert Storm.

Powell always seems a step ahead of his colleagues and competitors. This made him the most trusted and widely recognized American icon for his courage, sympathy and ability to win in any difficult situation.

This also makes him an example of great leadership. If we would like to follow his success, we may know Colin Powell's leadership secrets. Everything can be summarized in 18 Colin Powell leadership lessons. Let's see.

1 # Leadership means being responsible for group welfare.
You will be involved in many conflicts in carrying out this responsibility. Because not everyone will like your decision. But no matter how heavy the burden you bear, decisions must be made.

In this case Powell is similar to Peter Drucker. Drucker said a good leader might not be the person he likes or loves. A good leader is someone who can be an inspiration for others to do great things.

2 # True leaders are people who are reliable by their followers.
You cannot call yourself a leader if there are no more followers who want to come to you to find solutions to the problems they face. Show concern and attention to those who come. Build a communication system that supports this.

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3 # always be alert and find out what's happening right now.
Even if needed, answer the telephone and 'drive the truck' yourself. In short, try to understand deeply about your world. Don't be ignorant of the circumstances around you. Being alert means you must always pay attention to your surroundings.

4 # develop everyone to move forward.
The more professionals, the more things can be learned. Because they can be your mentor and partner. Be careful of people who have blind obedience. Remember Barry Rand from Xerox who doesn't have more than one yes man? Even one person, yes man, is overdone. So, make sure everyone has the spirit to move forward.

5#  do it!
Identical to the figure of Colin Powel as a military leader. But, this shows that strategy is as important as implementation. There is no point in having lots of ideas and dreams if they are not implemented quickly and efficiently. Try to give responsibility and authority to people you consider capable. And be a devil advocate for every process that takes place in your place. The leader is not the Chief Organizer but the Chief Disorganizer.

6 # don't be afraid to try
It's easier to be sorry than to get permission. But true leaders don't wait to do anything. He is wise and not reckless. After all, we don't know whether we succeed or fail until we try it. So, never be afraid to try.

7 # keep looking below the surface.
Don't hesitate to continue doing it. Because you might not like what you find. You will find someone who thinks so do not fix something that has not been damaged. People who are not proactive. If you find that many types of people in one company, don't invest there.

8 # attract the best people.
With them, you can do great jobs. The best capital of an organization is actually people. The question is: how many organizations are managing this best capital correctly? Then, just try to attract the best people to your leadership.

9 # keep trying to improve competence, keep up the spirit and give sincere attention to your coworkers and products.
Believe that people are bound not to titles or positions. People are bound and affected by capacities that can influence and inspire. So, being positive by continuing to develop, be passionate and considerate is important.

10 # Don't be afraid to change.
You see. Many large companies fell because they did not want to replace what was outdated and separated from its comfort zone. Especially on comfortable things that have been done for years. Effective leaders are people who can create success through willingness to learn new skills and responsibilities.

So a good leader will not only ask how well you are doing your current job, but a leader will ask how many new things you have done.

11 # the importance of leaders respecting their core values.
Leaders, according to Powell, should be flexible in applying their values. Because management techniques are not magic spells that cannot be changed but only tools to achieve something at the right time.

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12 # Stay optimistic!
Powell believes we can all reach amazing targets. He believes we can change things from here. And most importantly he believes we can all be the best. A good leader is someone who can maintain and foster that enthusiasm.

13 # looking for smart people.
Leaders must be able to see people who are intelligent, have consideration and power of analysis, who are the most critical, and have the capacity to know in advance, and can look back. It would be better to get loyal, integrity, high morale, a stable ego, and a willingness to get the job done. And the recruitment process is the beginning of all that.

14 # Keep It Simple.
A good leader can explain complex phenomena in easily understood languages. And that is explained in a brief, solid and clear vision. They must be able to provide solutions and inspiration. Their behavior is also consistent, in line with the picture of the future painted today.

15 # Make the right decision.
Associated with decision making. Don't make decisions based on 40% of information. But don't delay your decision until you have complete information (100%). Because when everything is complete it may be too late. Keep in mind, delaying something to reduce risk might actually increase the risk.

16 # Pay attention to risks.
Still related to the previous tips, leaders must be able to see and understand risks. This makes the right decision. Paying attention to risk does not mean avoiding it. But, understand what will be faced, and prepare for anticipation.

17 # Live in balance.
Balance everything. Rejoice at work. Take leave if it's time. And spend time with family. Always be a balanced person. People who work seriously, but like to laugh. People who miss doing priority non-jobs (social work) as well as carrying out tasks in the office.

18 # You must be prepared to feel lonely.
You must be prepared to make difficult choices. The fate of the company depends on your choice. Maybe your organization is collaborative culture, open, informal but be prepared to be lonely.

So are some Colin Powell Leadership that we can learn. These various secrets may be right for those of you who want to be a successful leader like Colin Powell.