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Shinzō Abe: Current Leader of Japan

Shinzō Abe: Current Leader of Japan

Did you know, who is the current leader of Japan? Yes!. The answer is Shinzo Abe. He is the current leader of Japan, and the longest-serving Japanese leader at the moment. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was elected leader of his ruling party after winning the election. With this victory, Abe will become Japan's longest-running leader in modern times.

Abe easily defeated former defense minister Shigeru Ishiba in the election of the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party. In the process of counting the votes, LDP managed to get 553 votes from 810 votes contested. While challenger Abe, former Japanese defense minister Shigeru Ishiba only collected 254 votes. In total there are 807 valid votes.

The election was decided by parliamentarians and rank members, with each holding half of the total votes. Because LDP has large support in the second assembly, party leaders automatically become leaders of the country.

The Japanese election was held after a change in regulations concerning the prime minister's time to service. Initially, the prime minister could only serve two periods (per 3 year period). However, after being approved, the prime minister can hold office for three completed periods.

After announcing his victory, Abe discussed his promise to focus on building infrastructure to withstand natural disasters. In addition, he will also continue to seek changes to the constitution in his country.

As the current leader of Japan, Abe must be prepared to face several challenges. One of them is trade negotiations with the United States and China. The US must repeatedly request that Japan reduce its trade surplus with Uncle Sam's country. In addition, Japan is also trying to increase mutual cooperation with China.

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Profile of Shinzo Abe

Who is Shinzo Abe? He discussed in the political family environment. His grandfather, Abe Kan and was approved, Abe Shintaro, was a politician. Shintaro leads a fraction in the Liberal Democratic Party Environment, holds various positions in the cabinet and party, and is a prime candidate for the post of Prime Minister. However, he was involved in a recruit scandal and later fell ill; he died in 1991.

Shintaro's wife is Yoko Kishi, daughter of PM Nobusuke Kishi, who is also the brother of PM Eisaku Sato. So, Shinzo has family ties with high-level politicians on both sides of the bond.

Shinzo was chosen to represent district one of Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1993 after death was received in 1991. He received the most votes from any election in the prefecture's history. In 1999 he was Director of Social Affairs, Deputy Chair of the Cabinet Secretary in the Mori Cabinet and Koizumi from 2000-2003, and later was appointed Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Abe was the main negotiator for the Japanese government on behalf of Japanese families who were kidnapped and taken to North Korea. On October 31, 2005, he was nominated to become the Cabinet Secretary of the Cabinet who received Koizumi, winning Hiroyuki Hosoda. On September 20, 2006, he was elected chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Abe is a family of a respected politician. He first became prime minister in 2006, but suddenly resigned eventually. He returned to power in December 2012 after campaigning with an economic program called "Abenomics".

The economic program offered by Abe received a re-appreciation of Japan's stagnant economy through monetary policy that was very easy. Japan has a lot of hope for its current leaders, Shinzo Abe.