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Challenge Leadership Development

What is the challenge of a leader in the future? As we know that the world is very dynamic. What is the challenge this year, is not necessarily the same as the next 10 years. Challenge leadership development needs to be known so that it can still lead effectively and face each of these challenges. 

A leader must be able to look at what will be the biggest challenges in organization and leadership today and whether the challenges are different across the world.

A source describes the research and answers each of these questions by gathering various entries on more than 763 middle level leaders and executives. The leaders studied are leaders in organizations from various parts of the world such as, China, Hong Kong, Egypt, India, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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From the study it was found that leaders were consistently moderate and would face the same 5 challenges. Here are 5 challenges for a leader in a leadership organization, namely:

#1 Challenge of a Leader in the Development of Managerial Effectiveness

The development of managerial effectiveness is a challenge to develop relevant skills, such as time management, priority management, strategic thinking, decision making and increased productivity to be more effective in the workplace.

Make sure you as a leader are involved in activities that support the goals of a business or organization that you lead, both short and long term. Your daily plan in the form of a do list must be constantly updated and checked every day. It aims to work on tasks and activities that are directly related to generating income and developing your business or business.

Stephen Covey, one of the authors of First Things First, provides advice in the form of a tool that can help you work on your work list based on how important and urgent the task is.

Write down your three or four tasks which include "important and urgent". You must handle this section right away or immediately. When you complete each task, check it from the list you have made.

This step will give you a sense of accomplishment and can provide motivation for you to deal with issues or activities that are less important. As a leader, of course you will face many requests. You are the leader!

If you have to reject the request because you have to attend to what's really important and urgent, don't hesitate to say "no" or reject it. You have priority!

The same thing applies to every project or activity that you have determined that is in line with what is your goal or goal. Be prepared to move to more productive tasks. Learn from experience to avoid wasting time later.

Always have planning in advance. What you will do the next morning, think of the night before, before you sleep. Make a list of what you will finish tomorrow, what activities should be your priority, what you need to prepare before carrying out these important tasks.

Minimize and don't let any distractions or distractions interrupt your work and purpose. One of them is social media, notifications that usually interfere with your concentration at work.

To maximize your work time, your mobile can be turned off or turned off the ringtone (silent mode). However, this also depends on the type of work you do. If indeed your job requires that smartphones always be your loyal friends to provide the information you use related to work and also connections that must continue, why not?

Entrust some tasks to your subordinates. Not always you have to intervene for each task. Delegating tasks is needed but also needs to look at the situation and conditions of the subordinates you are responsible for. This is the importance of training your subordinates to further enhance their abilities, expertise and experience.

Thus, you do not need to be reluctant and worried if you will delegate certain tasks because they already have experience and debriefing in their fields.

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#2 The Challenge of a Leader in Giving Inspiration

Leaders are synonymous with influence, especially the influence that inspires their subordinates. Vision and mission are very important to allow other people to feel as if their work has goals and meaning outside of the tasks they do every day.

Sometimes leaders must help their staff get to know the big picture of the goals of the organization or company, the place where they work. Communicating the big picture regularly will help strengthen the reason for your organization's existence.

Not only communicating your vision and mission, but also how to open your thoughts about various ideas and ideas from your employees or subordinates. This can also further purify your vision and mission as a leader.

A good leader still has great intellectual curiosity and is determined to learn. They want to know and always look for new ideas, insights and information. New innovations, inspiration and various precise strategies can come and enter the mind through any conditions and from any place.

Make your financial life an inspiration for employees by managing finances well and regularly. Manage your finances through my Financial Application that you can use easily and not complicated. Use the facilities and feel the benefits of financial recording through a smartphone every time you make a financial transaction.

#3 A Challenge for Developing Employee Performance Quality

An organization will be more advanced if it is developed by qualified people in it according to their fields and skills. To develop quality and skills to be more effective in working and improving organizational development, you need to invest your time, energy and money to develop them.

The key to actively developing employees is to set relevant and achievable goals. Instead of setting and discussing employee goals every year, it is better to optimize the development and review process by creating goals every quarter.

Besides being easy to set up, the results can also be more easily seen. The most important thing is to encourage employees to look for professional development opportunities outside the workplace.

Employees who aim to advance their skills in their own day are likely to become great leaders. You must acknowledge their efforts. You can also give advice to your employees to develop their quality of life through financial improvement by investing properly. Don't give the fish, but the hook.

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#4 The Challenge of a Leader in Leading a Team

Leading teams is a challenge for team development and team management. This particular challenge leadership development includes how to instill pride in a team that will support teamwork, how to lead a large team and what to do when taking over a new team.

Every leader wants to have a compact team and become an elite team. No leader wants to lead a mediocre team. Make the work atmosphere in the team fun, not too serious or tense, but still to the point on the goals and objectives of the organization that have been mutually agreed upon.

For teamwork to be more compact with activities that don't smell business and office matters. For example, like a birthday celebration or watching together at the cinema and eating together.

 # 5 A Leader's Challenge in Facing Change

That change will always be there. There is nothing we can do to prevent that change. We can only minimize the negative impact and get ready early if possible.

No need to be afraid of change! You as a leader need to emphasize this to your subordinates. Change will be a development momentum if you and your team members react with a positive outlook.

Get to know the battlefield before fighting is a powerful strategy. By knowing what challenges you will face as a leader in running your organization, you will certainly be better prepared.

Like a fighter who knows the battlefield and their opponents. At least in general, that is the variety of challenge leadership development that you will face as a leader.