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How to Change Leadership Management Style

The role of a leader is very broad and heavy. The leader must achieve the results expected by the organization to develop the environment faced. Leadership can encourage and support creativity to help followers and organizations accept and be ready to change.

Of the many challenges faced by leaders, to manage change is one of the most difficult. Why? Change leadership management style will be a big challenge because it requires a lot of encouragement and a strong foundation for achieving goals in an organization.

The rapid progress of people's lives today has a wide enough impact on changes in all lines of life, including the life of the organization. One of them is a leadership concept that has an impact on organizational change. Organizational change can take the form of technological, structural, individual, and physical changes that require new knowledge and skills and culture.

The basic concept of change is a necessity for human life, the history of human civilization there are always phases of change as well as the history of civilization leadership that always faces and confronts change. Renewal of existing leadership systems, should be able to make the quality of the organization in serving the environmental needs where the organization is located.

The basic concept of change leadership management style creates a revolution in organizational change, so leaders must have credibility and reputation and have the skills to be able to recognize important changes. This is so that leaders are able to take place in the hearts of every member of the organization.

This step can bring changes in the organization that makes it united and empathetic to each other, to bring the changes made to be more useful and have a positive value for the organization. In this context the question arises that, why change needs to be done in the organization, so what steps should leaders take to manage these changes and what leadership concepts are suitable so that they can bring the organization to change?

Organizational change is the act of switching an organization from the prevailing conditions now towards future conditions according to what it wants to increase its effectiveness. Organizational change is also an act of rearranging organizational components to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

But keep in mind that all changes will not lead to better changes, so it needs to be pursued so that the changes are directed towards a better direction than the previous conditions.

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The role of the leader is very necessary in an organization, especially its role in helping organizations in the process of change. There are several things that can be done to resolve changes, namely:
- Communication
- Participation
- ease and support
- negotiations
- manipulation and co-optation
- coercion

So to manage change in the organization, the leader must have the key to that element. There are five key elements to actively managing change, namely:
- motivate change
- creating vision
- developing political support
- manage the transition
- continue the momentum of change

A more appropriate leadership style to lead a company or organization in the process of change is the transformational leadership style, when compared to transactional leadership.

Transformational leadership consists of three types of behavior, namely:
- Idealize influences are behaviors that increase followers' emotions and identification with leaders.
- Individualized consideration is the provision of support, encouragement, and guidance to followers
- Intellectual stimulation is behavior that increases followers' awareness of problems, and influences followers to see problems with new perspectives.

So, what do you think you can do to change management style leadership in your organization?