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Changing Leadership Styles : From Boss to Leader

When you become a businessman, you will also become a leader. At least, you will lead all of your employees to achieve company goals. But did you know that there are actually two types of leaders?

There are basically two types of leaders, namely boss or leader. Are you including boss or leader? You must be able to answer the questions below to find out if you are a boss or leader.

Do you see your team as a bunch of annoying people and you have to give deadlines that must be done and completed every day?


Are you very comfortable working with your team to achieve goals?

If you choose number one, you are the boss. And if you choose number two, you are the type of leader. That's the difference between a boss and a leader. According to some people who have led the company for more than 10 years or even 25 years, being a leader is certainly more comfortable and successful than being a boss.

When you lead a company using the boss approach, maybe you will get some short-term benefits. But your business will not last long. In contrast to using a leader approach, you will be able to better manage employees and the company can live longer.

Don't worry if you are still the boss type leader. Here are a few things you can do in changing leadership style, from boss to leader.

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Hard work vs. productivity
A good leader should understand the difference between working hard productively. If managers only ask employees to work hard, it means that they themselves are lazy to try to improve their work. Conversely, a good leader will ensure that team members have good equipment, resources, and effective training. That way, they can work better.

When a manager asks employees to increase productivity, that means he wants his staff to work harder. In fact, this method actually cannot motivate employees to spend their business to the fullest. The employee will instead think: "So far we haven't worked hard?"

Precisely the pressure from the boss will actually reduce morale. Such leadership styles cannot increase productivity. Then, what is the right way? Managers must analyze their own leadership style. He changes and improves himself.

First, managers must be able to balance employee workloads. In addition, employers must be able to direct staff to work and achieve the main goals in their work. The leader must be able to find a way for employees to work smart, not work hard. Because, employees also have time constraints at work, but they can actually work more effectively.

Set higher job goals
Maybe you think hard when asked: "How do you grow employee loyalty?" Many answers are suitable for responding to that question. But, in the practice of effective leadership, you can answer questions by: "setting the goal of work as high as possible." That is, you want employees to do the best work and value.

For example, if you lead a team at a freight forwarding company. You should not motivate employees by saying things like: "do the best work to increase customer satisfaction" or "increase company productivity". Maybe your employees are tired of stuffing like that. What if you motivate employees in a better way?

You can say that every employee must work as well as possible to be able to deliver goods on time, so that children who are birthday can receive gifts on time. In addition, patients who need medication can get treatment immediately. That way, you have injected value on the purpose of the job.

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Engaging employees in decision making
One way to increase employee involvement in the project is to involve it in decision making. It will turn you from a boss be a leader. That way, employees also feel: "this is our job". They not only feel as messengers who are just waiting for orders.

So, managers must approach the team members. Make employees feel that they work with the leader, not work for the boss. So, ask them to submit ideas. Invite them to join in thinking for the progress of team work.

When all team members understand the company's goals, they will work as expected. Managers don't need to put pressure on them. Because employees consider their work enjoyable.

These methods can be quite effective in an effort to change the leadership style, from the boss to the leader. Try it and good luck.