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Characteristics of A Leader : Good and Bad Leaders

Everyone can be a leader, but what are tha characteristics of a leader, the good and bad ones? Get to know the following characteristics and apply positive values from the character of a good leader in your business.

Being a leader is not easy. It can be influenced by their unique character and personality. It can be also influenced of situations and conditions from outside. May thing can often form a characteristics of leader and its style in leading an organization that he leads.

As great as possible and as good as a leader, there must be someone who thinks he is not a good leader. Likewise, on the contrary, a leader who is considered a person who feels he treats his subordinates is not good, there are still those who think he is a good leader.

A true leader has experienced various leadership experiences. His character in leadership has been formed in such a way that he is capable of using every style of his leadership. He is able to adjust his personality and also the situation and conditions that occur around him to achieve the results or targets he sets in the organization or group he leads.

Then how and what is the general view of a leader who has good leadership character and also what kind of leadership character tends to be said to be not good by society in general?

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Characteristics of a Good Leader

The following will describe some of the characteristics of a good leader that we can apply to ourselves. At least, this can be our reference in leading ourselves and improving our quality.

# 1 Smart Leader
A person who is considered a leader is usually also known by intellectual and knowledge that is owned more than other people. They are considered more aware and understand what must be planned and also carried out for the sake of fluency and targets to be achieved together.

Through each brilliant idea or can accommodate various ideas from group members to become a shared idea. That is a good leader in using his superiority in thinking.

# 2 Initiative Leaders
Members of course are able to see the initiative of their leaders in carrying out their leadership. This initiative then became an example and inspiration for his followers to want to do what the leader wants. With the nature of the initiative within the leader, the strength of each member to carry out the group mission will be guaranteed well.

# 3 Responsible Leaders
No one will want to follow a leader who runs away from his responsibilities or even blames its members and takes refuge behind his authority as a leader. A person who is responsible will get more judgment than other people, especially the group members will be more loyal and respectful towards the responsible leader even willing to bear the mistakes made by the members.

# 4 Transparent and Open Leaders
A leader is like an aquarium that is always seen and judged by the group members who follow it. Even every action taken by a leader can be an example that can be followed.

Leaders who are consistent with their attitude and do not have a mask in acting, speaking and behaving, will make group members have full confidence in their leadership. A transparent attitude and what it is also becomes a separate assessment for leaders who are considered good quality and not just mere imagery.

# 5 Leaders who Become Patient Communicators
It is not easy to lead some people with different characters and abilities from each group member. Besides being a good communicator to communicate each of his personal ideas, the leader also needs to be a good mediator in mobilizing and accommodating every idea from the members.

This is needed especially when experiencing a deadlock in decision making. Patience is also able to make a leader can neutralize tension and reduce emotions when friction arises among members.

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Charateristics of a Bad Leader

In this case, not the person who will be assessed, but the character played in leading a group that is considered to be bad or inappropriate is done by a leader. The following is his presentation of the character of poor leaders who should not be implemented in leadership.

# 1 Leader Who Knocks and "Handyman"
Not infrequently the discovery occurs in a company or organization where a person who is appointed as a leader performs his role poorly. They feel themselves as leaders by using their power and authority for personal gain.

Leaders who feel themselves to know everything and assume that each member is a "lackeys" who must obey every order from him, presumably is not a leader who will last long.

# 2 Leaders who are not able to lead themselves
When a person is said to be the leader of a group, of course he has gained the trust of some people who are able to lead themselves. Starting from a personal self that has good personal qualities can then lead others with the uniqueness of each character.
How a person will be followed and can organize a group but on the other hand, he himself is unable to regulate his own self. The members who get such leaders will naturally think again to follow the leader's direction.

# 3 Inconsistent Leader
Leaders who tend to be wishy-washy, unable to hold fast to a principle and easy to change every decision, of course will confuse members who follow it.

The consistency of a leader is one of the determinants of the success of a target planned to be achieved together. Not infrequently a wishy-washy leader will be the subject of discussion among the group members behind the scenes and become the material of his own ridicule.

# 4 Anti Criticism and Anti Giving Praise
Everyone needs criticism and advice after undergoing various tasks that he has completed. The results of this evaluation will give their own contribution to the progress of their work and the progress of their personnel. Thus a compliment is needed when a person successfully achieves a goal that is set or is able to pass the target set.

Usually in a company a bonus system is established as an award for those who have their own achievements or promotion of higher jobs and positions. This is given to appreciate workers to be able to compete positively and bring positive changes to the company. But for the anti-leaders, there will be criticism and it is difficult to give praise to their employees, instead they will eat simalakama fruit.

Of course there will be no subordinates or employees who will cooperate with this kind of leader. If they get a better job in another place with a work atmosphere that respects the performance of their workers, then it won't take long for the employee to give a letter of resignation.