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Characteristics of Genuine Leadership with 3C

General Ronal Fogleman, US Air Force, ever said, “I don't think you have to wear stars on or a title to be a leader. Anybody who wants to raise his can be a leader any time.”

What he said, just want to emphasize that leadership is a result of a decision and is the result of a process of character change or internal transformation in a person. A Genuine leadership is not determined by one's rank or position. Leadership is something that arises from within and is the fruit of a person's decision to want to be a leader.

Having a genuine leader is the cornerstone of an organization, in business organizations, community social organizations or other organizations. A lot of literature explains about the characteristics of genuine leadership. Although basically having the same concept.

Leading means a technique or art so that the organization and members it leads become a better direction. He must be the best among his members. However the leader is a charismatic person who can influence the people he leads.

One day the great Chinese philosopher, Lao Tsu, was asked by his students about who was a genuine leader, so he answered:
“As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence.
The next best, the people honor And praise.
The next, the people fear, and the next the people hate.
When the best leader works is done, The people say, 'we did it ourselves'.”

It is often true that a genuine leader is not known by those they lead. Even when the mission or task is completed, all team members will say that they did it themselves. A genuine leader is an encouragement encourager, motivator, inspirator, and maximizer.

This concept of thinking is something new and may not be accepted by conventional leaders who actually expect honor and praise from those they lead. Being genuine leader is not easy because we must have the right character.

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One theory that says that a genuine leader requires 3C. Three C stands for Character Change, Clear Vision, Competence. The following is about the various descriptions:

1. Character Change
A genuine leader has a character spirit that is able to change his organization from bad to good, and from the good to be better. He must be a person who is able to build the motivation of his subordinates to be able to work better and ignite the spirit of being bigger. A genuine leader is a person who is able to turn negative characters into positive ones.

2. Clear Vision
Vision and mission are needed by a leader to be able to bring the direction of the organization even better. The existence of a vision will make the leader understand what goals must be achieved and what should be done. Even the vision is also used as a benchmark to determine the success of a leader after completing his tenure. The vision of a leader who is not clear will describe the figure of an ordinary worker with a higher level of organization.

3. Competence
Competence is one of the things that a leader must have. Competencies can be in the form of communication, speaking, negotiating, public speaking skills and competencies to analyze the market in the future. This unique ability will be very supportive when running the organization so that it can influence and have a positive impact on its environment. Leaders who are incompetent and only because they get structural opportunities, a time will come down on its own.

Basically the leader needs not only 3C above. But it is very complex, more than that the leader must always be able to work faster, learn better, have interprersonal skills, technical, knowledge and ability to do social relations.

One of the motivational sentences from John Maxwell is "The only way that I can keep leading is to keep growing. The day I stop growing, somebody else takes the leadership baton. That is the way it always it. "This means, you cannot stop growing, even if you have become a leader. True leaders, keep learning to be better.