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Characteristics of a Great Leader

In life, we are often dealing with a number of great leaders. We can find great leaders in the world of politics, corporation, and social. Great leaders are not just good leaders. Great leaders tend to be able to attract people around them. He was able to inspire them to follow his decisions, whether small or large.

What really distinguishes good leaders from great leaders? What characteristics determine such a leader? This article will explain Characteristics of a great leader that is usually owned. By knowing this, you can make it a starting point to increase your ability in the role of leader.

1# Have Active Curiosity.
Leaders who can build good relationships with others naturally have a curiosity about those around them. This natural curiosity allows them to interact and listen carefully to other people's words and understand their point of view. 

Developing empathy or understanding others is key to knowing the reasons for other people's thoughts, what is important to them, and how they understand a situation. This allows great leaders to guide with empathy and care, and be open to new ideas, which can build long-term relationships with the people who work with them.

2# Self Awareness.
Great leaders understand well the emotional conditions in themselves. They know well the advantages and disadvantages. Having accurate benchmarks like this allows leaders to recognize their abilities and limitations, so they can take advantage of their subordinates' suggestions or considerations at the right time to show their flexibility and humility.

Good leaders know when they are in full concentration and when exhausted, so that they are able to achieve goals according to their abilities and maximum potential.

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3# Clear Communication.
Great leaders have the ability to voice their ideas and direction without leaving any doubts. Knowing what you want to achieve is often clear in your mind, but if your explanation is accompanied by a blank expression, chances are there will be problems in communicating it.

Problems in communication like this must be addressed properly, because followers tend to easily lose trust in leaders who are unable to express themselves clearly. From the leaders' point of view, if he is unable to convey his vision to team members, the product produced will most likely not be satisfactory.

4# Able to motivate.
Great leaders don't lead by ruling other people. However, it inspires followers to act. Characteristics of a great leader can be seen from his desire to always help and work with his followers.

The key to achieving this is cultivating the desire to help others. When other people feel that you intend to sincerely help them, on the contrary they will be motivated to act and help you when needed.

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5# Mastering the Way to Approach.
Not everyone act in the same way. This may sound like a basic concept, but it is often overlooked by those who rise to become leaders.

Things like the point of view of culture, educational background, limited language, personal nature, and diverse backgrounds, all of which will affect the way information is processed and interpreted.

For example, some people are able to work well under pressure, while some others do not. Some people respond well to spontaneity, while others consider it a rejection and instead close themselves. To achieve optimal effectiveness as a leader, one must have the ability to adjust his approach individually, specifically designed to deal with certain situations.

The capacity to carry out the concept of "approach" plays an important role in the ability of each leader to get the best results from the team and other colleagues along the way.

Just like the specific approach just described at the end, there is no general guide to achieving success as a leader. However, the combination of the above and the ability to work with the team will greatly affect the reputation of all who claim to be great leaders.

Not in the position of a great leader yet? No need to worry, you can prepare yourself to be a leader by learning the charateristics of a great leader described above.