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Colin Powell Leadership Characteristics

Colin Powell's quality of leadership has been recognized by many people. This makes many people want to know what is Colin Powell Leadership Characteristics look like. Colin Powell is an American statesman and a four-star general retired from the United States Army. He is the 65th US Secretary of State who serves under President George W. Bush. He also served as Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War.

During his military career, he was involved in the Vietnam war as a military adviser in 1962. Later, he would be involved in the Grenada invasion in 1983 and air raids on Libya in 1986. In April 1989, Powell was promoted to General and briefly served as Commander in Chief, Forces Command, and later that year, he was promoted to Joint Chief of Staff by George H. W Bush.

In 2000, he became the 65th Secretary of the United States of America after George W Bush won the Presidential Election. As Secretary of State, he had a large influence in the Senate with his speaking skills, especially convincing the invasion of Iraq, which then caused a great and embarrassing controversy.

After retiring in 2005, he traveled the world in various lectures, spoke at motivational events and was a National Mentoring spokesperson, a campaign held every January to recruit volunteer mentors for young people. Before knowing what is Colin Powell's leadership characteristics, it's good to see a list of great achievements.

Awards and Achievements
• President of the Medal of Freedom by President George HW Bush in 1991
• The Liberty Medal was given to Colin Powell on July 4, 2002.
• The symbol of Colin Powell given by Lord Lyon in Edinburgh on February 4, 2004
• Bishop John T. Walker Humanitarian Distinguished Service Award for contributions to Africa
• Silver Buffalo Award

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Leadership Lessons Colin Powell

The following is Colin Powell leadership characteristics that we can understand as a lesson. Perhaps, you want to be a great leader like Colin Powel.

1# Leadership by experience
People like Colin Powell to be a military leader because they know from experience and appreciation for courage in the military. He has faced many wars and other military problems. He proved to be strong as a military leader. One of the most fierce moments faced by Powell occurred when the Gulf War land battles peaked. As a result, he was still able to conquer the war.

In helping to restore military conditions, Powell followed a careful plan rooted in his own experience. The best thing you can do as a leader is walking, and believing a man or woman who has been proven and achieved in the arena. In your organization, what have you done in the past to show your credibility and competence in your industry as a leader?

2# Deliver the goal
One thing that ties people together is purpose. The organization is formed with purpose. In today's world, we find that many organizations lose their sense. This is often due to poor leadership and the wrong focus.

Most of the organizations we see today are formed for purely profit and material, or that leaders forget the objectives of the organization. A strong organization cannot be built on this basis. Leadership needs to convey and remind followers of their sense of purpose. This gives them reasons to work and reasons to unite.

Powell is also a champion of civil rights. He fought for blacks. Powell always tries specifically to meet young blacks. But the message he conveyed, always more about discipline than about discrimination. He delivered his goals clearly and consistently

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3# Be assertive without hesitation
Two times he served in Vietnam taught him that fear and hesitation in making decisions were not virtues. Many people close to him on assignments in the field admit, Powell is not the type of leader who likes to do half-measures. He is not a soldier who likes to fight with one hand on his back.

Powell always insisted on massive and decisive action. He was also firm when the core decision-making group, known as the Big Eight, held a meeting at the White House on the afternoon of Thursday, February 21, 1991, to discuss the final stage of the Gulf War. A land battle is scheduled to begin at 8:00 p.m. He had prepared himself clearly with all his plans. Powell proved successful in urging Saddam Hussein to be given a midday deadline to withdraw from Kuwait.

He always had the right answers, so the president had no reason to belittle the opinions of military leaders. His personality and skills made President Bush and Defense Minister Dick Cheney put full trust in their military leaders.

4# gives followers of resources
A good leader equips his followers well for the task ahead. He provides the necessary resources such as equipment, knowledge, skills and connections so that followers can achieve their goals.

This general is known as a realist. He always supports his subordinates in total. That gave him great credibility from the congress. He was also appointed as the main organizer of two President Reagan summits with President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Most people can develop if a leader creates an environment in work where the individual gifts and abilities are maximized and everyone is equipped for what they do. You will not know exactly what people need to do / their work, this is the process you go through as a leader through practicing active listening and observation skills.

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5# Do not want to stand out
Powell actually represents something more than mere military affairs and warfare. The 56-year-old commander has become a symbol of national reconciliation both for the upheaval that hit American society in the 1960s, as well as the Vietnam War and racial riots.

Powell is the first black leader that conservative whites feel happy to embrace. What's more, Powell has helped restore the US's confidence in the military system which was destroyed by accusations, that the system was ridden by bribery and failure.

In his position in various senior positions during the 1980s, he helped rebuild the armed forces that performed so brilliantly in the Persian Gulf. This made Powell glimpsed to replace Vice President Dan Ouayle in the 1992 presidential election.

But, Powell himself does not seem to want the position. The general is very easy to get along with politicians. However, his close friends said that he personally did not like to stand out, let alone run, and did not want to throw himself into politics. That said, he would rather be given the opportunity once again to become the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Apart from being associated with some of the attributes of power in government, Colin Powell has become a national figure who has special abilities to bridge racial divisions. He is a great leader who deserves respect. Colin Powell leadership characteristics deserve to be studied and made an example.