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Communication Theory and Leadership

When discussing leadership, we will also often discuss the theory of communication. Communication theory and leadership basically have a very close relationship. Both of them influence each other.

Before looking at the correlation, we need to know what communication theory and leadership is. Leadership is a process in directing and influencing members in carrying out various activities in an organization. While communication is the process of delivering and exchanging information at least between 2 parties who act as senders and receivers by using various existing media.

The type of leadership in influencing its members can vary. This is due to the background of the leader, culture, organization, followers and environment. The form of communication carried out by leaders between individuals who have cultural differences will cause differences in character, so it requires adjustments so that communication activities can run effectively.

Communication skills are important things for a leader to have. This communication ability can influence others without using force, so that the person they lead accepts as a decent person to lead.

There are several factors that influence communication patterns in organizations, namely:

1) The formal path of communication, the use of formal legitimacy to communicate. Information provided is usually very important. The authority of the organizational hierarchy, the different levels of management will determine the pattern of communication within an organization. Subordinates will adjust in terms of communication.

2) Specialization of position, the existence of specialization causes certain departments to be different but requires communication, thus forming a communication pattern.

3) Ownership of information, those who generally know more and master various information related to their part, then the person invited to communicate must be someone who knows and controls the things that are related in that part.

Within the organization, there will be two forms of communication carried out. This form of communication is vertical communication and horizontal communication. The verbal communication is a form of communication by someone who is at the top level to someone who is at the lower level or vice versa. Communication that occurs usually about giving assignments, giving direction or reporting and accountability.

While horizontal communication is a form of communication by someone with another person who has an equal level of organization. Communication that occurs in the framework of coordination, cooperation, and so forth.

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Building Effective Communication

A leader must understand the communication theory so that he can establish effective communication with his members. There are several steps that can be taken so that communication can be carried out effectively in achieving the organization. Here are some things leaders can do to build effective communication:

# Minimize communication barriers
Sometimes, there are various obstacles in communicating so that the message or information to be conveyed has errors in acceptance, interpretation and understanding. As a result the expected reaction does not occur.

These obstacles can be individual in the form of misunderstandings in understanding the message of communication difficulties, the ability to hear and listen badly and others. Or organizational barriers that occur are words that are understood differently-by different people, so that there are differences in perception.

# Increase effectiveness in communication
Once the barriers to communication can be identified, efforts need to be made to improve the effectiveness of communication. Increased individual communication skills by being able to through ways: a lot of communication, encouraging two-way communication, increased awareness in understanding the message conveyed and maintaining the credibility of individuals by building character and morals.

Increasing organizational communication skills can be done through: setting up ways of communicating between various parties in the organization and increasing awareness and utilization of various media in communicating.

Knowing the correlation of communication theory and leadership will be very useful for a leader in carrying out his duties.