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Conflict Management

A company on a large or small scale certainly has a variety of problems in it. It is not just a matter of problems around employee performance, but tends to be more complex starting from the boss's less good leadership style, the employee's performance is not optimal, plus there are still many forms of constraints between employees. From there, appropriate solutions are needed to control conflict management so that all problems can be solved.

Conflict management is very influential for members of the organization. Organizational leaders are required to master conflict management so that emerging conflicts can have a positive impact on improving organizational quality.

Conflict management is a series of actions and reactions between actors and outsiders in a conflict. Conflict management includes a process-oriented approach that directs the form of communication (including behavior) from the actors and outsiders and how they influence interests and interpretations.

Another definition, conflict management is the steps taken by the actors or third parties in order to direct disputes towards certain results that may or may not produce an end in the form of conflict resolution and may or may not produce calm, positive, creative, consented, or aggressive.

Conflict management can involve self-help, cooperation in solving problems (with or without the help of third parties) or decision making by third parties. An approach oriented to the conflict management process refers to patterns of communication (including behavior) of actors and how they influence the interests and interpretations of conflict.

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Conflict Management

Conflicts can be prevented or managed in several ways. Conflict management is useful to prevent also overcome conflicts that arise within an organization. As for several ways of managing conflict, as follows:

• Discipline
Maintaining discipline can be used to manage and prevent conflicts. Nurse managers must know and understand the rules that exist in the organization. If it is not clear, they must seek help to understand it.

• Consideration of Experience in Life Stages
Conflict can be managed by supporting nurses to achieve goals according to their experiences and stages of life. For example; Junior nurses who excel can be promoted to participate in higher level education, while senior nurses who excel can be promoted to occupy higher positions.

• Communication
A good communication will create a therapeutic and conducive environment. An effort that can be made by managers to avoid conflict is to implement effective communication in daily activities that can eventually be used as a way of life.

• Active listening
Active listening is important for managing conflict. To ensure that the acceptance of nurse managers has a correct understanding, they can reformulate the problems of the employees as a sign that they have listened.

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Methods of Dealing with Conflict

How to deal with conflict can be done by utilizing conflict management. Various types of internal or external conflicts of the company can be overcome using various interesting methods. The following are ways to deal with internal conflicts such as employees towards leaders or others.

1# Refer method
First, there is a referral method which is carried out by the disputing parties, then it can be an approach and a desire to return to work together to carry out a good relationship for the common interest. From this referral method, mediation is usually needed until conflict management can be applied and reduce the element of tension on several sides.

2# Persuasion
The persuasion method can also be used to change the position of the other party. The purpose of this persuasion is very good, namely reducing the losses that can arise with the existence of various factual evidence so that it can show that the opinions of several people will provide benefits and consistency in the application of norms to the standards of justice that are still valid.

3# Integrated Problem Solving Methods
There are other solutions that can be easily applied to provide a better conflict management system, namely using integrated problem solving methods. Later there will be an effort to solve the problem by combining various needs of both parties. Even some processes can still occur such as exchanging information, facts, feelings, then still showing various kinds of solutions to generate mutual trust and then can present various alternative solutions to problems with balanced benefits on both sides.

4# Bargaining
The method of bargaining is also still the best solution to mitigate internal or external conflicts in a company. This method of bargaining will present a solution that can be accepted by both parties. In fact, both parties will exchange which concessions without expressing a promise explicitly.

5# Withdrawal
One management conflict that is now often carried out is one or both parties withdrawing from the relationship. For this one method it does look effective if the two are not too actively interacting then able to understand what each other's tasks are still dependent on.

6# Coercion and Emphasis
There are still solutions to overcome various types of conflicts, one of which is emphasis and coercion. Until now this one method can be used by pressing others to surrender quickly. But this one method can use a form of threat or a form of intimidation so that it is less effective because one party must be able to give up or succumb to it.

7# Consultation
Another solution so that a conflict within the company can be overcome is consultation where the purpose itself is used to improve relations between the two parties. Not only that because it can also be aimed at developing capabilities so that they can resolve conflicts. From this consultation a consultant is needed to provide solutions in the form of techniques to improve aspects of perception and awareness about the level of behavior.

8# Mediation
The mediation method or the middle is also included in conflict management which is very good to be a solution to reduce the level of tension in a dispute. This mediation requires the role of the mediator who is directly invited to help provide solutions to gather facts plus it can clarify the problem that is happening until finally the best solution is given. However, this mediation can fully run smoothly depending on the expertise of a madiator himself.

9# Arbitration
Usually third parties also have a stake in interfering in a dispute. Now the disputing parties are not willing to negotiate, especially from the efforts of both parties to resolve the problem. Therefore, a third party is needed, namely in the arbitration method. Later the third party will listen to complaints from both parties until they later function as judges. Searching for problems is a focal point until this method does not provide benefits to two parties in a dispute, but is able to provide the best solution for many parties.

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Preparing for conflict

From the solution to conflict management, there are still some important things that must be considered in overcoming a problem. Some of these things must be prepared to deal with conflict wisely. Here are some important things that you must pay attention to in overcoming many conflicts.

1. Prevent Destructive Conflict
Various prevention measures can be carried out before destructive conflicts occur with destructive characteristics of various types of facilities or prolonged conflicts.

2. Presenting Effective Communication
Certainly from effective communication is one of the main goals why mediation efforts are carried out to various methods in resolving conflicts.

3. Providing the Application of Standard Rules
Third, there is an important aspect to be able to apply the standard rules to employees in a company both internally and externally.

4. Creating a Harmonious Work Climate
It is clear from a more harmonious work climate that it is interesting to manage this conflict. So from that the goal must be clear so that it can provide many of its main advantages.