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Qualities of Charismatic Leaders

A charismatic leader is certainly liked, trusted and always made a role model. People will always be interested to be nearby because he is able to provide peace and confidence.

A charismatic leader is able to foster a sluggish spirit. People will feel at home discussing and asking for advice from him. A charismatic leader will never be left behind by his members. People will actually give whatever is in the interests of the leader.

There is one thing in common among charismatic leaders, namely they get the power of influence because of the willingness of people to acknowledge, like and respect them. Charismatic leaders are not people who are influenced by wealth, descent and position, but because of agreement from other people.

Characteristics of Charismatic Leaders

Charismatic leaders generally display characteristics including a person who has such a strong vision or a clear awareness of goals, he is able to communicate that vision effectively and demonstrate consistency and focus. Charismatic leaders also know their own strengths and make use of them.

A charismatic leadership style at a glance looks like a transformational leadership style that is able to provide enthusiasm to all members of the team to be able to move and achieve the goals desired by the leader. But charismatic leaders tend to trust themselves more than team members.

Charismatic leaders can create the risk that the organization he leads becomes broken or destroyed when the leader is no longer a leader or leaves the group he leads. The alluring charm and charm of a charismatic leadership style is so thick and distinctive.

If the members are asked to explain why they follow the leadership of the charismatic-style person, then the members will not be able to explain concretely because usually the followers do not question the values, attitudes and behavior and style used by the leader.

Apart from the charm that is displayed and so attractive, even charismatic leaders usually have a high sense of confidence in influencing their followers. Success influencing subordinates can be realized if the leader has good character and character. With these characteristics and characteristics, leaders will be admired by their followers.

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Qualities of Charismatic Leaders

Charismatic leadership types are considered to have privileges or excess personality traits in influencing the thoughts, feelings and behavior of others, so that followers are willing to do something the leader wants.

The characteristics of charismatic leaders have enormous attractiveness and in general they have a large number of followers. Followers cannot explain exactly why they are interested and follow and obey the leader. It is as if a leader like this has an occult power that accompanies it. According to Purwanto, the charisma displayed does not depend on the age, wealth, health or good looks of the leader.

John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Warrant Buffet and Nelson Mandela are examples of leaders who have their own charm so they are able to do something different to their followers.

They are examples of leaders who have a charismatic leadership style. Max Weber mentions that some leaders have the gift of ordinary quality or charisma that enables them to motivate their followers to achieve extraordinary performance.

Strengths of Type Charismatic Leadership

The advantages of charismatic leadership styles include, they can communicate their vision and mission clearly. They are also able to arouse subordinates to work harder. This makes them able to get followers with great periods because of their charismatic nature so they can be trusted.

Charismatic leaders are aware of their strengths so that they can make the most of them and are able to attract people. People will be easily mesmerized by their uplifting ways of speaking.

Usually, charismatic leaders are highly respected and have high authority, always have good ideas or thoughts and often consult with their subordinates

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Weaknesses of the Type of Charismatic Leadership

Besides the extraordinary advantages possessed by charismatic leaders, it turns out there are also various weaknesses of this type of leadership.

Among other things, charismatic leaders easily make risky decisions and have the imagination that what is done must be right because their followers already believe. Because of the high dependence on these leaders so that regeneration for competent leaders tends to be difficult.

Although this type of leader is able to attract people to come to them, after a while, these people can feel disappointed when the leader is inconsistent. Moreover, if the leader said what was not done. When asked for responsibility, the leader will give reasons, apologies and promises.

Followers of charismatic leaders tend to be fanatical. This cause the organizational structure is unclear or blurred. Usually, in decision making, subordinates are always urged to accept the leader's decision as a joint decision.

So what about your Leadership Style? What leadership style do you apply to your business or business and in leading the organization you lead? Do you have the qualities of charismatic leaders?