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Ways to Become a Charismatic Leader

The leader is the central driving factor of an organization that provides guidance, correction, motivation and even role models. In addition, leaders also determine the direction of the goals to be achieved from the organization. In a community environment, people who have more ability than others usually are appointed as leaders.

There are so many leadership styles in this world including the style of autocracy, delegate style, administrative style, charismatic style and so on. One leadership style that is quite interesting and we will discuss this time is the charismatic leader.

What is Charismatic Leader?

The word “Charisma” comes from Greek which means "grace". Power that cannot be explained logically is called charismatic power. Charisma is considered a combination of charm and personal attraction that contributes to extraordinary abilities to make other people support the vision and also promote it passionately (Truskie, 2002).

Charisma is defined as "conditions or talents that are associated with extraordinary abilities in terms of one's leadership to arouse worship and admiration from the community towards him" or leadership attributes based on the quality of individual personality.

Have you ever noticed that there is a team that does everything one step ahead of the other team. Teams like this look more dedicated and more productive because of the relationship with charismatic leaders. Usually, a team like this is led by a charismatic leader.

Simply stated, it is understandable that charismatic leader is leader who make others interested for reasons they often do not fully understand.

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Ways to Become Charismatic Leader

If you pay close attention, charismatic leader usually has a number of qualities that can be seen. He has a strong vision that will support the values of their followers, he not only lead but also protect the people they lead, and he will build emotional bonds with followers.

Follow the steps below so you can become a charismatic leader for your team!

1 # Have a Goal When Talking 
You must hold the principle that the wise person speaks because they have something to say, while the fool speaks because he has to say something. Think first before you start talking and be careful about the communication you make.

2 # Has the ability to measure the situation 
If the steps above have been done, the next thing is to pay attention. Many leaders fail to lead simply because they don't pay attention to the team or people who follow them.

For example, when you are talking and you see their body language look bored and not interested, then you must change something immediately. You can ask them to take a break or ask them to say what's wrong and reveal what's on their mind.

Although the above seems trivial, getting people involved in what you say is important for a charismatic leader to do.

3 # Spending Time for Others
As a charismatic leader, you are needed by your members and team, not just about yourself. You must be able to get team members to get close without feeling awkward and guilty.

Never think that you are too tall and big to be around other team members. Many leaders make mistakes and create an atmosphere that makes team members feel uncomfortable and hesitant to approach.

As a charismatic leader, you must change this habit immediately. Start setting a friendly atmosphere and make others feel comfortable approaching you. You can start this good habit by opening the office door and don't close it too often from time to time. The office door that is always closed is one sign that you do not want to be disturbed and covered by the presence of other people who will enter.

By applying the three guidelines above, it is expected that you can become a charismatic leader who is able to attract the attention of many people to follow. If you have not been able to become a charismatic leader, start now to train yourself with the habits of great and extraordinary leaders.