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Ways to Developing Leadership Skills for Today

In organizations, as in other life, flexibility is very important. It helps to respond to people and situations appropriately and make adjustments if there is a deviation from anticipation. Flexibility is very important in developing leadership skills for today.

Times are changing and now entering the digital era. This digital era surely change the way people live their lives. Anything can be done with digital technology, from ordering food, shopping for vegetables, to buying holiday tickets.

Today's young people must understand the technological revolution and changes in people's behavior, because they will become future leaders. For this reason, it is very important to be able to understand the right way in developing leadership skills for today.

What kind of leader is needed today? Here are some things that young people must prepare to become great leaders in the digital age:

# Have a digital mindset
Internet users around the world continue to increase. This does not only happen in developed countries, but also in developing countries. Exchange of information, communication, education, economy, employment, all began to depend on the internet. This number will continue to grow in the future. Seeing this potential, a future leader must have a digital mindset, because various things will be done digitally through the internet.

# Become an observer and listener
The leader in charge of Generation Z (born in 1996-present) must be able to be an observer as well as a good listener. Generation Z who grew up along with the development of social media made them want to be paid more attention. They will also be motivated if their ideas are facilitated. Future leaders must be able to observe and hear incoming ideas.

# Never give up
Rapid economic changes can make conditions in a company or institution change rapidly. Such conditions must be addressed with an unyielding mentality. If this spirit can be transmitted to his subordinates, a strong team will be formed in the face of change.

# Inclusive
This word means "included in it". An inclusive leader means that it can accommodate the thoughts of team members. So don't always impose your own opinion. Inclusive does not mean having no attitude, but can choose brilliant thoughts from team members, then implement them.

# Quickly adapt to changes
A leader's response to change will determine the future of the institution or company. Not only can the institution develop or not, but it can survive or not. Institutional scale does not guarantee, Nokia and Blackberry are examples of large institutions that have not managed to deal with change. Leaders who quickly adapt to change will be able to bring their institutions to continue to survive and develop.

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# Collaborative
In the past, good leaders were leaders who could advance their own institutions, if possible beat their competitors. This mindset seems to have to be abandoned in the future, even now. Good leaders are leaders who can collaborate to make bigger and more sustainable movements.

As leaders, everyone must be careful of the variety of leadership styles available. Knowledge of the way developing leadership skills for today has been described above, which will help us identify appropriate leadership behaviors. But everyone must use his own observations to learn leadership in real situations.

It is also important to experiment with a variety of different approaches and study them through analysis of results. As a leader, their leadership behavior will be studied in their position, when interacting with subordinates, and their duties.

The essence of leadership is influence, namely the ability to get followers and also the ability to influence others so that other people want to follow willingly and consciously, this is what needs to be developed from the initial level to the highest level.

Joe Reynolds (a president of Leadership Dynamic, Inc., a consulting / training company headquartered in Houston, Texas) revealed that the development of leadership is good leadership that is positive, always strives to realize personal vision of the best results by working together profitable with others.

Positive leadership includes:
• Actions of individuals who are productive and responsible by their leaders and followers.
• Contributions to yourself, society, organization, State and all humanity.
• Leaders and followers do what they want to do besides being what they aspire to be.
• Risk and sacrifice

There is no true success without difficulty, no accept without giving, no success without obstacles, no reward without contribution. The process of developing leadership in the leader itself is an effort to find / become a true leader.

Leadership is a decision and is more the result of a process of changing character or internal transformation in a person. Leadership is not a position or title, but a birth from a long process of change in a person.

When a person finds his vision and mission, when inner peace takes place and builds a solid character building, when each speech and action begins to influence the environment, and when its existence encourages change in its organization, that's when a person is born a true leader.

So a leader is not just a title or position given from the outside but something that grows and develops from within a person. Leadership from the inside out. So, every leader must understand the best ways in developing leadership skills for today.