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World Civil Right Leaders Who Changed History

Everyone certainly wants to enjoy free life. There is no one who wants to be colonized by other people or other nations. But unfortunately, not every nation can enjoy this. Luckily, there are people who are willing to fight for their civil rights.

They are world civil right leaders who have great services for the world. They have changed the world. Civil right makes humans worthy to live without threats and restraints from others. Because, civil rights sometimes have to be fought quite hard. 

Sometimes, although the country that is a place of residence has the status of an independent state, not a few people out there do not feel free. At least completely. Some of those who feel discriminated against even choose to leave the country in search of a better, peaceful and decent life.

Years ago, humanitarian issues were often a hot conversation. But thanks to the fighters who persevere in voicing the aspirations of the people, those who are confined can be free from the shackles of discrimination. The warrior figures even inspired many people, so even though some had closed their ages, their actions were still remembered by many people.

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As present-day generations, we should reflect on those who have sympathy and struggle for others. The following are some of the countries that have changed history from various countries whose perseverance we should emulate:

1# Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa or known as Santa Teresa was born in Uskub, in August 1910. She was a Catholic nun of Roman citizenship. Her life inspired many people. For more than 47 years this woman devoted herself to serving the poor, sick, orphaned and dying people.

In her life, she also carried out the expansion of the Missionaries of Charity which she established in various countries. Although born as a woman, Mother Teresa persisted in expanding. She was recorded as running 610 missions in 123 countries.

Until now the Missionaries of Charity has hundreds of branches in various countries by embracing refugees, orphans, sick people, and victims of AIDS. She was the truly civil right leaders who changed history.

2# Mahatma Gandhi
This Indian politician became a humanitarian figure who inspired many people. Even though politics was the area in which he was involved, Mahatma Gandhi did not use violence to voice people's aspirations.

Gandhi had felt discrimination when he was in South Africa. That's when he chose to become an activist where he was ambitious to change discriminatory laws to form a non-violent movement.

Mahatma Gandhi played a role in India's independence from the British colony. Thanks to his efforts which often voiced aspirations in peaceful demonstrations, India became independent in 1947. He came to be known as the Father of Nation or Father of Nations.

One thing that really inspired this humanitarian figure was that he believed that all believers had the right to live peacefully together in a country. Mahatma Gandhi himself really likes the thoughts of various religions even though he is Hindu.

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3# Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King is an African-American activist for human rights. He is also the most important leader in the history of the United States (US) and the history of nonviolence in modern times. Not only that, he is considered as the creator of peace and martyrdom by many people in the world.

As a pastor, King is an activist who fights against racial discrimination. Like Mahatma Gandhi, King also carried out the action without the element of violence.

As is known, black people in the US are considered to be out of proportion to white people. This is what made King voice his aspirations. He then carried out a massive civilian movement to produce public policy in 1963.

King's name is increasingly popular thanks to his speech titled "I have a dream". The various humanitarian actions he acted in helped King won the Nobel Peace Prize.

4# Nelson Mandela
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is a South African activist. In his country, black people are also subjected to discrimination. But thanks to the legal education he took, Mandela believed that black Africans must be completely free and determine their fate independently politically.

In his life, Mandela had spent time working at the African National Congress tasked with advocating a non-violent approach to changing apartheid law in his country.

A series of actions carried out led Mandela to iron bars because they were seen as threatening state security. Even so, he was finally able to occupy the presidency in 1994-1999 and became the first black country leader in South Africa. During his tenure, he also tried to abolish the influence of apartheid. He also the truly world civil right leaders who changed history.