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Best Group Activity for Leadership

Communication and interaction are the most important things of a leadership relationship. Group activity for leadership can be an interesting way to improve communication and interaction in the leadership relations of a group.

Research shows that the activity group is not only able to improve communication and motivation with each other, but also able to help create a mix and optimize productivity in a group.

There are various fun games that we can do with groups or friends. This game is usually done when we do outbound. We can play various types of games to build or enhance a sense of togetherness and build good teamwork.

Activities that involve team building games can provide insight, education, as well as fun. Group activity for leadership is also able to help a team get to know fellow members better, through thinking, working, solving problems, and having fun.

Here some examples of a group activity for leadership that you can try:

1# Possible Game

Time: 5-6 minutes
Number of Participants: One or several small groups
Equipment needed: Any object

How to play :
This is an amazing team building game. You can do it in just 5 minutes. Give an object to someone in each group. By taking turns, someone must advance in front of the group and show the use of the object. Team members have to guess the object being demonstrated. The person standing in front is not allowed to speak, and the demonstration must be original and funny or maybe a little strange.

Purpose :
This team building activity encourages individual creativity and innovation, and increases understanding in a team. A leader who is able to do this will also be able to interact well with his group.

2# Scavenger Hunt

Time: > 1 hour
Number of Participants: Two small groups or more
Equipment needed: pens and paper

How to play :
Break the group into two or more groups. Make a list of strange tasks to do as a team. For example, you can selfie with unknown people, take pictures of a building or object around, and so on. Give a list to each team along with deadlines. The team that completes the fastest task is the winner! You can also create a point system for task difficulty levels!

Purpose :
Activities that help establish relationships and break down the dividing wall by encouraging employees to work with employees from other departments. This practice can also encourage closer interaction between leaders and group members.

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3# Human Knots

Time: 15-30 minutes
Number of Participants: 8-20 people
Required equipment: None

How to play :
The way to play these games is that everyone stands in a circle facing each other, shoulder to shoulder. Ask each person to take out his right hand and take someone's hand in front of him randomly. Then, have them take out their left hand and take someone else's hand. Within the allotted time, this group must untie without releasing their hands. If the group is too big, make smaller circles and these small groups can compete together.

Purpose :
This team building game depends on good communication and teamwork.

4# The Mine Field

Time: 15-30 minutes
Number of Participants: 4 - 10 people (even number)
Equipment needed: various kinds of objects that can be held, eye patch

How to play :
Look for a large enough empty space. Place objects like cones, balls, bottles and more randomly on the floor. Everyone pairs and one of them wears an eye patch. The other person must guide his friend from one end to the other without stepping on these objects using only words. The blindfolded one should not speak at all. To make it more difficult, make a special route for team members who wear eye patches.

Purpose :
This game focuses on trust, communication and effective hearing. Leadership built with trust, communication and supported by listening to each other will be stronger.

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5# The Egg Drop

Time: 1-2 hours
Number of Participants: Two or more small groups
Equipment needed: Various kinds of objects and office equipment

How to play :
For everyone to be a group of three or five and give each group a raw egg. Put all the tools in one stack. They have 15-30 minutes to make a tool to protect their eggs when dropped. Can use tape, pencil, straw, plastic equipment, cardboard, newspaper, rubber bands. After time runs out, drop the egg "machine" from a high enough spot and see if they land intact!

Purpose :
This classic team building game is very entertaining. Yes, though it will also make it dirty. But, this game requires cooperation, problem solving, and good leadership management to glue fellow members. More people are better, and remember to bring some extra eggs!

6# Human Ladder

Time: 20-25 minutes
Number of participants: any
Equipment needed: A minimum of 3 wooden blocks or bamboo with a size of 50 cm and a diameter of 8-10 cm per group.

How to play:
Participants were divided into several groups. 10 people per group (more is better because it can take turns when tired). Then, specify the start line and finish line. Appoint one person as a crosser (choose someone who is light and agile). Make two rows and face each other by holding each other with wooden beams with the person facing them at the start line. The crosser will climb the wooden block and continue to move towards the next wooden block to the finish line. The wooden beams that have been crossed by the crossers are moved to the front so that crossers can get to the finish line.

Purpose :
A sense of trust, responsibility, agility and strength of each person will be tested on this game. Collaboration and the division of good leadership roles are the things that will determine who the winners in this game are.

7# This Is Better Than That

Time: 15-20 minutes
Number of Participants: Anything
Equipment needed: 4 objects or more

How to play :
Take 4 different objects or more. Share groups with an ‘even’ number. Create a scenario where each team must solve a problem using only those objects. This can be "You are stranded on a desert island", or "You are fighting to save the earth from aliens", or something else. Make each team make a sequence of objects that are used according to their use for the scenario and the reasons.

Purpose :
This exercise encourages team creativity in problem solving, and management of leadership within the team. Avoid making scenarios that are too easy so the team can guess what objects are most useful.

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8# The Perfect Square

Time: 15-30 minutes
Number of Participants: 5 - 20 people
Equipment needed: A long rope tied together and eye patch for everyone

How to play :
Stand in a circle holding the rope. Then have everyone wear an eye patch and put the rope on the floor. Then everyone retreated slightly from the circle. After that, ask everyone to go forward and try to form a cube without opening the blindfold. Give time to be more interesting. To make it more difficult, some team members were told not to speak out.

Purpose :
Focus on strong communication and leadership skills. By telling some members to be quiet, this game also requires team trust where they lead each other in the right direction.

This activity group for leadership is worth a try right? So, lets try group activity for leadership to build a better group.