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Difference Between Leadership and Management

Are you a manager or leader? Both terms are often known to have the same meaning. But, Leadership and Management are basically two different concepts, even both terms are often used as if they have the same meaning.

In fact, the two words have different meanings. Difference between leadership and management can be seen from the definition of each. The definition of management is the effective use of resources to achieve goals. Meanwhile, leadership is defined as a matter of leaders or the way leaders.

Have you seen the difference between them? Or still don't understand the difference between them? This time I will provide an advanced definition of these two things.

Gareth Jones and Jennifer George (2003: 440) in their book entitled Essentials of Contemporary Management defines leadership as a process where an individual has an influence on others and can inspire, encourage, motivate, and direct their activities to help achieve the purpose of the group or organization.

While the definition of management according to Griffin (1997) is a series of activities (including planning and decision making, organizing, leadership and control) directed at organizational resources (labor, finance, physical and information) and aims to achieve organizational goals in an efficient manner and effective.

I think you have started to get an idea of both. At least you have got one keyword from the definition above about leadership and management. Leadership has an influence on subordinates, but a leader (leader) does not have to be someone who has a position in an organization.

The leadership spirit is followed by the nature and character of someone who can motivate and inspire many people. In other words, everyone can be a leader.

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What about management?
One word that is right for management is Steering. Management is the direction for organizational resources in achieving organizational goals. At least there are four main functions that management performs as directors, namely planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

Managers as leaders are administrative and are tasked with maintaining the continuity of the four main functions. Therefore, managers generally have structural positions.

So, the difference between leadership and management in general, leadership is influence, while Management is the director.

Of course a good manager is a manager who has and expresses leadership in directing his subordinates. If you are a manager, have you owned and applied a leadership spirit?

A leader who performs this leadership function sets new goals and directions, then motivates and influences his team members to achieve the stated goals.

A Leader must also review the progress of his team and ensure that all Team members are on the path they want to reach the stated goals. The President is a good example of playing a role in leadership.

Whereas a Manager who runs this Management function is tasked with planning, organizing, directing and regulating how his team reaches its stated goals. They will be tasked to overcome any problems that arise in the team and decide on the best solution for him.

For example, like a Soccer Manager who regulates how his team can achieve the goal of winning every soccer game. A Soccer Manager is not a leader because they do not set goals. Those who set goals are the owners or directors of the relevant football club.

An understanding of the differences in Leadership and Management is very important in operating an organization. Leadership and Management should go hand in hand. To become a good manager requires leadership skills. Whereas to be an effective leader, management skills are needed to achieve his vision.