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Donald Trump Leadership Style

Donald Trump has a style that is far different from most politicians. Just look at how the Donald Trump leadership style looks very different from the previous presidents of the United States. One characteristic of the 70-year-old man is his open speech style and is not at all diplomatic.

But on the other hand, Trump's style succeeded in making him achieve things that the American president had not yet achieved. Like or not with Donald Trump, it must still be admitted that he is a successful businessman with strong character and leadership abilities.

Without reducing your view of politics, Donald Trump has succeeded in his business and in the real estate field in recent decades. World business people and famous people in America have known him as a successful businessman for years.

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Especially now when he has become a president. He became an increasingly popular person and was discussed by many people. Many people also want to know what Donald Trump's leadership style looks like. Maybe, we can learn positive things from Donald Trump's leadership style.

# 1 Decision Maker
In relation to the various businesses that he runs, he becomes a good decision maker. He appears as a high risk taker. When you see the style of speaking, you can judge it as a conservative in every decision he makes.

In doing business, taking risks in a decision is very necessary and also calculates in detail all the possibilities that occur. This is what Trump has. He showed determination in making important decisions.

# 2 Target Planning
Donald Trump is a businessman who has a good planning target. He has high hopes for himself and the people around him. That's why he managed to get everything he wanted in his life.

Having a clear vision is necessary if you want to succeed in achieving great things. Donald Trump has had this character and applied it to his life. This encouraged him to become a good leader.

# 3 Confidence
You might really disagree with Trump's arrogant attitude? Many also judge that he has a narcissistic nature. However, after all he was a person who was confident in his existence. With confidence he can lead others effectively in the company he leads.

Have you ever been led by someone who lacked confidence? In a complex negotiation, you need high confidence in running your business. This is also what is needed by a leader.

# 4 Character Appraiser
Being an ability and talent assessor seems quite difficult. If you have the ability in it, then you can assess the abilities of others who have the same abilities as you.

This he did on his TV show. The Apprentice. Trump became a jury in assessing every ability of the participants who participated in the TV show. Organizational leaders need to have the ability to hire people with high quality work and are able to fire employees who don't work as expected. Donald Trump is not much different from most effective leaders in the world.

If in your opinion, what is your opinion about Donald Trump's leadership style? Do you agree that Trump has an ideal leadership style or not? Whatever your view of Donald Trump, he is still an effective and reliable businessman. We can learn many things through the lives of everyone, including Donald Trump. But, if there is something bad, we must also avoid it.