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Business Leaders And Sources of Power

A great business leader must have great power. Do you know where the power of a leader comes from? Since they were born? Of course not. A business leader must be able to get his power through various sources.

There are many things that can be symbol of the business leader. There are many things that can strengthen the image of a leader. An interesting story can be taken from a book written by John Ehrlichman entitled "Witness to Power".

Ehrlichman recounted when he first came to J Edgar Hoover's office in the Department of Justice. Edgar Hoover was a legendary FBI director. He was considered one of the most powerful people in Washington, DC.

Hoover was interesting because the impression of his power was very strong. How can this be formed? Because Hoover tried to strengthen the image of his power with various sources, various ways and various opportunities.

Ehrlichman recalled that when he arrived, a guide directed him toward the double doors to a room full of placards, quotes, trophies, medals and certificates. These impressive things filled the walls of the office.

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Next, he was invited through the second room which has the same decoration. The second room also showed many extraordinary achievements. Then, the third room is the trophy room. Next, he arrived in a room with a very large work desk. The room was filled with many flags.

Until that room, J Edgar Hoover was still invisible. The guide then escorted Ehrlichman into a door. The door led him into a smaller office. In that small office space, there was a Hoover that seemed to dominate with impressive chairs and tables. The chair and table were located on a podium six inches. Then, Ehrlichman was ordered to sit on the lower sofa.

From their places, Hoover looked down at Ehrlichman. Hoover's high position made him look intimidating. Do you know? This was the source of power formed. Our subconscious will form that the people we meet were powerful. Along the way full of achievement decoration, our brain responds about the strength and power of the leader.

So, if we want to maximize our character as a business leader, we can try to optimize the source of power through the objects around us. Business leader and its power are important things to understand. When people see us as powerful people, their perception will be formed. We will have better legitimacy as a leader.

Do you want to try?