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Simple Time Management Tips for Busy People

Many people find it difficult to manage time. This is not only experienced by those who already have high positions in a company, but also to people who have many business or other activities. For example, besides working in an office, he also has a side business, there are sports activities and so on. Maybe also, are developing themselves by learning.

Are you someone who is so busy? And then, you confused when managing your time? Do not let all your busyness stress you out and instead make all the agenda messy. You need time management tips to fix your busyness.

Here is an easy way to divide your time that can be practiced immediately. This is time management tips for busy people. This is an adaptation of Glints' simple time management tips that can be used simply.

Use Calendar

We can forget the date and day because we are too busy. Therefore, you must actively use the calendar. You can use a calendar on a smartphone or weekly journal in the form of an agenda book.

One calendar application that can store all reminders in detail is Google Calendar. You can distinguish tasks, reminders, and events that you will save. In this way, you don't need to worry about scheduled meetings, appointments or deadlines that will be worked on. Everything will be neatly stored in your calendar or agenda book and managing time will be easy.

Time Tracker Management

Focusing on one thing can make us forget to do another task. Sometimes, this can make us confused what to do first? Manually creating a time tracker on a post it posted near the computer can indeed help. However, over time will make you bother due to too much paper. Instead, you can download the Tmetric Time Metric application which is user friendly so that it can help you manage your time well.

Enough Sleep

Did you know that sleep patterns will affect you in managing time? Enough sleep 7-9 hours a day will refresh your brain so that you do not constantly feel tired. Reduce the pattern of staying up late and excessive caffeine.

Review Activities

This method can increase productivity and manage time better. The trick is that before going to bed you look back at the weekly calendars that you have filled with task lists, reminders or even upcoming schedules. That way the brain will be reminded to work the next day so you don't get confused during the morning.

Second, reopen incoming emails and re-read, are there any tasks that need to be written? Or is there a missed schedule? Third, set deadlines per week so you already know when to complete them without having to be surprised that deadlines are near.

Make a Plan

According to one study, productive hours in a day's work are only used 4 hours out of 8 work hours. It is because half a day at work will be used to check emails, pick up the phone, send emails, and also meetings. Therefore, make a plan since the morning what you will be doing productively in 4 hours. This can be useful for managing time per day for the better.

Focus on 1 thing

Multitasking at work is a special ability. Unfortunately, multitasking is not recommended at work. Multitasking can interfere with concentration to do other things and forget the main task. Better, finish first 1 job then switch when 1 job is finished.

Sort and Prioritize Tasks

To make it easier to manage time every day, you are required to sort each task that comes suddenly plus client revisions that sometimes come timeless. Divide tasks in posts that contain "important, but not urgent", "important and urgent", "not so important, not urgent", and "urgent, not so important". By sharing these posts, you will find out when your assignments can be done or can even be given to other people if possible.

Divide Tasks into Small Parts

Have you ever had a big project that took a lot of time to do? Maybe it's time you divide it into small pieces and involve others if possible. If you work in a team, complete small tasks first, for example, you work on budgeting, other teams work on finding property. Don't take care of it alone and ask the experienced team. That way the results will be maximized because it is done in small parts and managing time will be more efficient.

For the Top 3

You must have a task list and to-do-list every day, right? Even though everything is settled, you still have to sort the 3 most important tasks that must be completed each day. Why? Because we don't know what will happen every day at the office. Sudden assignments, additional meetings or maybe even clients who are grumpy due to revisions may come uninvited.

Ask for assistance

Asking for help from others sometimes does not hurt. If you can't do your job at all, you can call someone and describe the task that needs to be done. You also have to be ready to be asked if they are having trouble huh.

Learn from experience

Analyze your mistakes from the past for better productivity. By reviewing your habits in doing the tasks every day, you will be able to manage your time better because you have learned from the mistakes you have made before.

Commitment to Yourself

Completing a deadline will not be completed if there is no intention and commitment from within. Promise yourself to really get it done on time. If you can, finish it before the deadline arrives so that you have time to review the work you are doing.

Do it with Discipline

It's useless if you know how to divide your time, but don't practice it directly. Immediately organize activities that are super dense, so you can more easily run each activity. In addition, the results that are done will also be more leverage. Maybe your first start will find it difficult but if done with discipline, sooner or later will get used to the neatly arranged schedule of activities.


Hard work must be done so that all work is completed on time. But you also need to rest. Rest is very important for the sake of relaxation and mental health. With yourself relaxed, you will also enjoy doing your work.

Short Break

Sitting too much in front of a laptop or computer is not very good for health. If you already feel sore, go for a walk or stand for 5 minutes to launch a blood vessel. This way, you will be comfortable returning to work.

Say NO"

Doing something that is not your speciality can be a new experience and challenge in the career world. However, not always you can accept all the tasks that come just like that. Learn to say no and why. This way other people will know your true responsibilities and you can manage your time in completing your work.

Work Time Balance

Remember! At work you also need a work time balance for your personal matters. Do not let the job confiscate privacy even you do not have another job besides office matters. If this happens to you, consult with your supervisor or office partner who can provide advice for better time management.

Confess False

Getting away from mistakes is a waste of time. If you have a mistake, apologize and promise not to repeat it again. In this way, you can manage your time well and move on to the next job. Your boss will also forgive and appreciate all your honesty.

Don't play social media

Social media is one of the productivity inhibitors. If you are focused, don't open social media that can distract your work. Keep for a moment if successfully doing one task, you can open it again as a self reward.

That's the time management tips you can try. But, it will be useless if you know the way to divide the time, but not practice it directly. Immediately organize activities that are super dense, so you can more easily run each activity. In addition, the results that are done will also be more leverage.

Maybe at the beginning you will find it difficult. But if done with discipline, sooner or later will get used to the neat schedule of activities. Hopefully this time management tips can be useful for you.