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Women in Leadership: Are Women Able to Lead?

In the globalization era, women are equal partners with men. Women have had an important role in the development and improvement of welfare in various fields in the world. Women have the same obligations and opportunities as men in development in all fields.

In the fields of education and employment, there is also equality in opportunities to lead in social and state life. The role of women is not only to be led, but also to lead.

Can Women Lead?

Leading means being able to mobilize and influence others and is closely related to personality and example. Then, "can women lead"? The answer is 'why not'.
Each woman is a leader. Women carry out their leadership in their respective environments, both in the family environment, work environment, and in the community. In community development, women need to equip themselves with a fighting spirit, increase knowledge, skills, and leadership in order to explore and mobilize community resources as a potential community.

Leaders and leadership are different things. However, its cannot be separated. The leader is basically describing a figure with various requirements about understanding concepts, skills and skills and experience to carry out the role of leader.

Leaders are required to have a good mentality and emotional maturity. This is necessary because in carrying out the role of leader will be faced with many people (public) with a variety of backgrounds, both levels of education or science, personality, different levels of emotions.

A leader must be able to create and maintain group activities related to the task that must be carried out by the leader himself, namely directing the task implementers together to achieve organizational goals.

Leadership plays an important role in the organization. Whether or not an organization is successful is determined by the resources within the organization. Leadership is an attitude influencing others to achieve a goal with a strong vision and mission.

The effectiveness of a leader is determined by his ability to influence and direct its members. Surely the leader must have the ability to manage, direct, influence, govern and motivate his subordinates to obtain the desired goals.

When it comes to leadership, many identify with men. In fact, if we examine, women also have a leadership spirit that is not much different. Women can have expertise in giving direction, in speeches or rhetoric or even giving ideas.

Women are not all weak. It is like a sturdy building and is a strong structured foundation. The figure of a woman who is sensitive, intuitive, empathetic, loves caring, able to work together, and accommodating can make organizational processes effective (Growe, 1999).

What is the Style of Women's Leadership?

Women's leadership styles that tend to be participatory give high priority to the development of human resources, as well as attention to detail, making their leadership styles very suitable in the current era of innovation.

This also shows that women in their leadership are able to achieve more successful or brilliant achievements in carrying out their work. This can be seen from its role in social life. For example, due to the ability to support in terms of education, organizational experience and motivation of women themselves, they can prove to the world that they can become leaders.

Women's opportunities to become leaders can have a positive impact. The impact is the issue of gender equality is characterized by the absence of differences (discrimination) between women and men. Thus, women and men have the same opportunity or access in leadership.

It was marked by women who were able to vote and participate in the political area, social and economic. Of course, this is a separate policy that has the benefits of equality and fairness of development. This must always be proven that women can be more advanced in leadership.

In leadership, especially in today's global development, women are needed especially in terms of thinking and creation for the development in realizing goals. Women are able to follow the pace of development such as men as equal partners without leaving their dignity and nature as women.

Then it is expected that all women in the world will continue to be enthusiastic in achieving their goals. Equality in opportunities to lead in social and state life makes women need to improve their knowledge and skills. Then, followed by a change in positive attitude, to be able to accept, understand and finally carry out national development in accordance with the changes and developments demanded by the times.