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Marketing Ideas in The New Normal to Reach Your Customers

 Since the Corona outbreak, many marketing and event activities have been forced to stop. Some companies even launched their products digitally to support social distancing efforts. The physical distancing and quarantine makes customers even more alienated.

Although some regions have entered a new normal, crises are still happening everywhere. Physical distancing is still ongoing. These crises and restrictions put pressure on business people to survive.

Some business people have to fight for just one or two sales. If you are facing a sales crisis, you have to rethink what efforts will be made to keep business running in this new normal era. Here are Marketing Ideas In the new normal to Reach Your Customers. Make sure you can still run a business in the midst of the uncertainty of the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

1) Tailoring a business to a direct delivery model

Physical distancing is still ongoing. This condition does not allow customers to be in a long time in a store. Therefore, try to focus on implementing a take away program or direct delivery. You can use a courier service. In the new normal era, this transaction method is considered safer.

2) Don't Just Sell, Show Empathy and Support

This marketing ideas in the new normal era will help you to be engaged with your customers. Doing business is not just about profit. Businesses also talk about getting support from customers. One way to win over your customers is to show your empathy. Give support to customers in the midst of this pandemic. In the future, customers will support your business.

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3) Use Topics for Precise Targeting

Use topics and keywords for precise targeting. Covid-19, pandemic, lockdown, as well as the new normal are big news. It's natural for everyone to talk about it. Customers will begin to readjust their needs to fit the needs of the new normal. They need protection against this pandemic. If you are able to read these keywords correctly, your business will be able to grow by providing for the needs of the general public in the new normal era.

4) Ensure Your Product Safety Is Shown during Sales Promotion

You need to pay more attention to any promotions or sales that you offer. Avoid all negative impressions that can damage your business brand. If necessary, show the customer via video how the product's safety and assurance has been performed. This will help them increasingly believe that you are indeed minimizing any risk of transmission of the Covid-19 Virus.

5) Communicating with Customers through Various Media

Demand for products during a pandemic does not always fall. However, it could be that the production process is disrupted due to this physical distancing. If you are having difficulty providing consumer demand, you must communicate with your customer. There are many media that can be used, especially online media. Provide detailed information regarding the obstacles you face, and if you are forced to make consumers wait to get their ordered products. Answer customer complaints by providing logical reasons and certainty for these complaints. This will help retain your customers.

6) Make Sure Your Business Can Be Found Online

In the midst of the social distancing movement in the new normal era, more people use online media to support their survival. They learn through online media, buy necessities through online media, also simply seek entertainment through online media. If you want to stay connected with customers, make sure your business can be found online. Being active in online media will support the existence of your business.

7) Give Special Offers such as Discounts

Pandemic times produce many crises. People's purchasing power has decreased a lot. Marketing ideas to keep in touch with your customers, you can provide special offers such as discounts. Put profits to the lowest point you can receive. At least, your business can continue to run and be stable. This marketing ideas can help keep your business customers, as well as attract new customers.