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Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Marketing is one of the keys to the success of almost any type of business. Ordinary products with good marketing are more successful than good products that are marketed poorly.

For large-scale businesses, they can easily allocate funds and staff for large-scale marketing ideas for their products. Meanwhile, small and medium businesses, doing marketing must consider the budget as well as possible.

Don't want to spend too much on promoting the business you are growing? So what can be done to grow the business?

Try low-budget marketing ideas by adopting large-scale business marketing techniques, but with a lower budget or according to your pocket. This method is suitable for small businesses as well as new businesses.

For inspiration, here is a list of low-budget marketing ideas for small businesses that you can try.

Create a product package

Product packages are attractive to consumers. Besides, making product packages gives potential customers more choices. This method is also able to "force" consumers to buy products in larger quantities.

Product packages aim to make consumers buy our products more than one product. For example, bundling packages, economical packages, premium packages, or packages during a certain period. Make product packages for holidays, special days, and so on. And show that the product package will make their purchases more economical.

Hold online contests (online)

The idea of marketing a contest is one of the interesting things. You can attract the attention of a wide range of people. Of course, the concept of the contest that is held must be in line with your business product.

The gift should also be something that people, or your market segment, want to attract and want. It would be great if the prizes you give to winners or contest participants are something related to your business.

Gifts and lure

Do promos often by giving gifts. Gifts are a proven marketing idea that is effective and attracts many markets. You can give special discounts or special gifts if consumers make repeat purchases or purchase a certain amount.

Consumers are happy if they are given incentives so that it will motivate them to make more purchases. Incentives can be in the form of discounted prices, gift gimmicks, additional bonuses, vouchers, and so on. Giving gifts does not have to be expensive, you can choose cheap gifts or incentives, according to your promotional budget.

Publish great and useful content on the blog

Now, the business world must be able to relate well to online marketing. It's good, whatever your business, you prepare online media specifically for your business, for example, such as a blog.

However, the blog must certainly contain quality articles that have benefits or can be an inspiration to readers. Blogs are a great marketing idea. Through blogs, you can communicate directly with the community.

Interestingly, you can create a blog for free through sites that provide blog services, such as WordPress and Blogspot, and so on. You just need to provide a little capital to give a .com domain to make your business blog more professional.

Using social media

Apart from blogs, social media is also a low-budget marketing idea suitable for small businesses. Social media is proven to be effective in increasing engagement with customers.

You can promote your business via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and many other social media that you can use for free. Share useful and interesting things on your social media. So, don't just promote the product.

Do variety and product development

Take the time to do product development. This product development can be done by making more varied product/service variants. Serve new things so that consumers don't feel bored.

The important thing from this strategy is that we are sensitive to the needs of consumers. This product variant can be in terms of different sizes, different features, types of products, types, and other variations.

Exchange vouchers with other entrepreneurs

Collaborating with other business owners is necessary. It can be in the form of product bundling if your product can be put together in a package with your neighbor's products or services. For example, if you have a bath soap product, then try bundling your product with your neighbor's bath complimentary products such as scrub or shampoo.

You can also exchange vouchers with other people. For example, with a certain purchase in a store, you will get shopping vouchers at your friend's shop that sells different products from what you sell. In return, your friend will do the same for your shop. This is a mutually beneficial synergy for you and your customers.

Fun How-to Video Tutorials

One of the most popular categories of web videos these days are “how-to” tutorials. People like to learn how to do things for themselves because it gives them a sense of accomplishment and to be creative.

No matter how big or small your business is, don't hesitate to make a how-to video. You don't need to hesitate to show how your business works or how to develop your business products. This method will make your product better known. Moreover, if your video is interesting enough to follow.

There is an additional tip for focusing your marketing ideas, namely "clarify market segmentation". Get to know your business products well. Then choose the desired market segmentation.

Determining a market segment can be done in many ways, while still having to adjust the product. By clarifying the market segments that will be targeted, we can more easily determine the pricing strategy, how to advertise, advertising language, and to whom we should synergize.