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Creative Ways to Promote a Product on Social Media

Social media is now an important part of internet marketing. The flow of social media that is getting faster, easier, and cheaper often makes it a choice for business people on various fronts. From small businesses to large businesses, almost all of them take advantage of social media.

Creating an attractive product is not enough. You need to attract consumers' attention to visit your shop and buy your product. Every business, whatever the product, definitely needs promotional efforts.

During a very tough promotional competition, we need creative ways to promote a product, for example on social media. Promotion through social media has great potential because of its very wide audience.

Promotion on social media is carried out by distributing information content, promotion or knowledge that can provide benefits to the market. More specifically, here is a list of creative ways to promote a product on social media that you can do.

1) Create Live Video Content

Live video content is now popular with social media users. This method can be an effective marketing strategy. You can try this method with a variety of creativity. Make videos with confidence. Showcase your product in a variety of ways.

You can present your distinctive character, the distinctive character of your product or your shop. Most importantly, do it consistently. Build bonds with consumers and make consumers get to know your products more closely through interactions in live videos.

2) Create a Short Movie

These are creative ways to promote a product on social media. Making films seems like a tough task. But, you don't have to make a complicated film for a promotional tool. Do what you can in a simple way. Take advantage of a smartphone and explore film ideas that match the products you offer.

People will enjoy watching movies instead of static advertising content. So you can make a film, then insert about your product. Show the strength of your product, the uniqueness or the benefits of your product in the film.

3) Product Prize Promotion

Who doesn't love gifts? Hearing the word gift will get people interested to at least see your product. Offering to give away through social media platforms is a very interesting activity.

To be able to get a gift, you can ask for certain conditions to help increase engagement with consumers. For example, share pages, comments, follow, or tag friends.

4) Take advantage of Customer Satisfaction

Leveraging customer satisfaction is an old form of marketing, but it's still always effective. The difference is, if it was displayed on a piece of paper and others, now you can show customer satisfaction through social media.

Show testimonials from customers who are satisfied with your product or service. Testimony can be displayed in the form of a chat screenshot or through a video interview. You can continue to update customer testimonials to further increase their trust.

5) Use Influencer Services

In the world of digital marketing, influencer marketing is not a new way. Influencers are popular figures and have a large following on social media. This makes them have a big influence on the community or the people who use social media themselves.

These influencers can come from various fields, ages and different expertise. You can use influencer services to introduce your product. This method is considered effective for building brand awareness of a product.

6) Post a Prize Contest

Contests are a creative, easy and affordable way to introduce your product. You can organize contests that support the sale of your product. By delivering the products you sell, you can ensure that your brand is recognized by potential customers.

Inform all provisions clearly through social media. Contest requirements to prize, must be clearly stated. Also, have a contest related to your product. You can give gifts in the form of products or cash according to your ability.

7) Build Community

Reaching out to the community can be an effective way of promoting products on social media. Social media is a gathering place for many people, who share common interests. The presence of the community will be an attractive target for business people, especially with products that are following with that community. So, try to choose and reach out to communities who are related and can take advantage of your product.