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Social Media Marketing Tips, Proven!

Social media marketing tips are increasingly popular. Many people try to do marketing through social media because it is considered effective. But, did you know that many people who do social media marketing give up in a matter of months?

Many fail and in the end there is no positive result they get to their business. Why? Social media is a potential market for increasing engagement with consumers.

Most people fail because they do social media marketing inappropriately. For example, he took the wrong path in utilizing social media, not focusing and other problems.

For that, consider the Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tips for You, which have proven their effectiveness a lot.

1) Identification of Marketing Needs Correctly

Every business has its character. This makes the marketing needs of each business different. Before starting social media marketing, the first and important step to take is to identify your goals, persona, and audience.

You must be able to identify your marketing needs precisely, to further create an effective social media marketing approach. A planned approach to social media always works better than using social media on an irregular or random basis.

So, this is the first step to getting started with social media marketing, you have to make a goal first. Your plan should cover all the efforts to run your business on social media.

2) Define ONE major social media

If you have found the right marketing needs, then determine one main social media. One, nothing more. For beginners with limited time, energy and capacity, managing a lot of social media make them unfocused.

If you have sufficient resources, sufficient time, sufficient energy, sufficient costs and sufficient knowledge, you can immediately take various kinds of social media. But if it's limited, choose the one that best fits the character of your product.

Social media marketing is not simple. Not just posts and various. Also, the character of each social media is different. So, when we automate social media A to B, the results will be disturbing.

Choose only one, but run optimally so that the results are effective. Choose social media based on the character of the business product, audience, and content.


If you follow several brand accounts on social media, you will definitely realize that each account has its character. This character is like a personality. So, determine the personality that you will show, adjust it with business products, and be consistent.

You can put on a character that is casual, serious, or whatever, which you think reflects your business. Choose one that fits your target market or audience.

4) social media CONTENT strategy

The most important part of social media marketing tips is choosing interesting content. Without having interesting content, everything you do on social media will be useless.

Then, how to produce interesting content? This interesting content is also a little complicated to describe. In essence, the content will be interesting according to the character of the audience. So, match the character of the audience, and identify what makes them interested.

The basic concept, you need to pay attention to three things, namely: quality of content, the timing of posts, frequency of posts. Audience character combined with these three basic concepts will produce interesting content.

Remember that, high-quality content, but choosing the wrong time, the results will be less than optimal. Likewise for the frequency/amount. So, pay attention to three basic concepts, each of which will create content or posts.

5) Be consistent and interact

Social media marketing is not a one-way job, it is sustainable. No matter how good your content is, if it's not consistent, that strategy will never work. The followers may be blown away at the first glance, but after that, they will forget about you.

So, be consistent in interacting. Social media marketing isn't just about creating content. The important thing to pay attention to is to continue to be consistent in interacting with followers and influencers. Do content planning, consistently perform statistical analysis and goals, do planning and experiments, as well regular evaluations.

6) Be patient

This last tip is more on reinforcement. In carrying out social media marketing tips, we must be patient. Social media and content marketing success don't happen overnight.

To build the maximum content and business branding, you need a long-term commitment. The target audience will come and approach you when you succeed in building content that interests them. Strong engagement requires a lot of patience.