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Understanding Consumer Behavior Theory and How to Understanding Consumer

Reaching consumers is important in every business. There have been many studies conducted in market research to understand consumers. One of the popular studies conducted is research on consumer behavior.

The study of consumer behavior theory seeks to understand consumers as individuals or groups. Consumer behavior theory helps us to reach consumers more easily and analyze the success of a product's campaign.

Understanding Consumer Behavior Theory

Consumer behavior theory

The theory of consumer behavior developed before the 1960's. This theory is based on economic theory, which explains that a consumer will determine the quantity of a commodity consumed by maximizing satisfaction (utility).

There are many experts who explain the theory of consumer behavior. Among these are Walters (1974: 7) defines consumer behavior as: "... the process whereby individuals decide whether, what, when, where, how, and from whom to purchase goods and services."

In addition, there is also Mowen (1993: 6) provides a different definition by explaining consumer behavior as: "... the study of the buying units and the exchange processes involved in acquiring, consuming, and disposing of goods, services, experiences, and ideas ". This definition focuses on buying units in an attempt to include not only the individual but also groups that purchase products or services

What can be learned from consumer behavior studies?

Consumer behavior is the study of individuals and organizations and how they choose and use products and services. To support success in a business, we need to be able to understand a person's motivation and behavior as a consumer.

Is there much we can learn from consumer behavior studies? Anything? We can find out the following things:

  • How consumers think and feel about product alternatives.
  • What is the consumer's thought process in choosing a product among various alternatives.
  • How do consumers behave when choosing products.
  • How does the environment influence consumer behavior.
  • How product promotions and campaigns influence consumer purchasing decisions.

The Easiest Tips To Recognize Consumer Behavior

There are several easy ways to identify consumer behavior. This introduction can be done before and after the consumer's purchase process. Knowing consumer behavior will help you get closer to consumers.

Getting closer to consumers will make you better able to present products according to consumer desires. Immediately, these are easy tips to identify consumer behavior.

1. Reading Books.

Reading books is often done to broaden insights and specific knowledge about something. Try to be able to know everything and all information related to your passion.

2. Surfing the Internet.

The internet will make it easier for someone to get information. The more developed technological advances will also make it easier for someone to gain knowledge. This method will help you enrich information about consumers.

3. Direct Interaction with Consumers

There is nothing wrong with asking other consumers directly when making the purchase process. You can consult each other and get input from both parties, both from other sellers and buyers.

4. Communicate and Introduce Yourself

Market participants are sellers and buyers. Usually someone who is going to make a purchase will often communicate, ask questions, and be active to find out. So, be active to communicate and introduce yourself to as many markets as possible.