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What is Wealth Management? Achieving Wealth Strategy

Wealth management is a family financial management. Have you ever heard of the story of Michael Jackson who had to sell his house for living?

In fact, he has been very famous in the entertainment world since he was young. Then, where all the money he got? This will not happen if they were able to apply wealth management in their lives

Nowadays it is very important to know what Wealth Management is. People with good wealth management knowledge will know how to achieve a healthy financial goal and a better life in the future, especially regarding knowledge of pension fund planning behavior.

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management "is an advanced investment advisory that specialist in financial services and financial planning".

Wealth Management is not only limited to investing, but also includes managing all matters relating to a person's personal financial activities which aim to provide comfort in life.

Wealth Magement Pillar

According to the Certified Wealth Managers' Association Wealth Management has three pillars, namely:

Wealth Protection and Preservation, which emphasizes the protection of wealth that is managed.

Wealth Accumulation and Growth, which emphasizes the growth of wealth and accumulation of wealth.

Wealth Distribution and Transition, which emphasizes wealth planning after going through a productive period.

Financial Planner

Currently, wealth management has developed into a financial planner service business. The definition of wealth management is also developing. From simply managing wealth that is done alone to being managed by an institution.

So that at present, wealth management is widely assumed to be a financial and wealth management service that is not only limited to investing, as well as taking care of everything that has to do with personal finances. Wealth management can be said as a personal finance manager.

Wealth management helps us achieve financial goals. Therefore, if we want to take part in the wealth management services of an institution, we will be asked to fill out a question form about financial planning.

Information must be given honestly. How many assets we have, the amount of debt, wife, children, insurance, income, expenses, risk profile, goals and must be stated as is.

Wealth Management Strategy

Wealth management will begin with a strategy for developing a plan as well as maintaining and increasing the value of the client's wealth based on the client's financial condition, goals, and comfort level.

When the initial plan has been developed, the manager can later hold regular meetings with clients or to update goals, review, and also rebalance the financial portfolio and also investigate whether or not it requires additional services.